Time to put your Twitter savvy skills to good use, CGs! Disseminate information using hashtags like #rescuePH and #reliefPH.
During this time of calamity in our country, it's important that we all do our part in whichever way possible to help our countrymen in need.The torrential rains may limit our activities, but that doesn't mean we can't
As strong rains heavily pour, threatening lives and property, we salute the courageous studs who once risked their own safety to help others.
No typhoon has been reported within the Philippine Area of Responsibility, but for all the raging rains and rising floods that have plagued us all day, there might as well have been. As of this morning, the government has ordered cancellation of
<em>FHM</em> chief Allan M celebrates his 10th blog birthday today! He gives a shoutout to all the brave young voices who left a comment or two at his little corner of this website.
Typhoon Ondoy wasn't all about destruction and grief. <em>FHM</em> chief Allan M reflects on the outpouring of support the nation showed.
During a time of need, these stars shone brighter by doing their bit to help.
The hunky actor earns Cosmo’s admiration for his unique way of helping out.
Our Guy Guru documents typhoon Ondoy's disastrous effects, as he reminisces about a love lost...
Our Cosmo Centerfold shows he has a mighty heart. We hope this inspires you to help out.
Gerald Anderson, Xian Lim, and Ejay Falcon volunteer to man disaster telethons. What are YOU doing? Here, how to help out.
The Centerfolds are doing what they can by volunteering their time at ABS-CBN's telethons. Are you doing your share to help out?Wondering how you, too, can help victims of typhoon Ondoy? You can send donations through these hotlines
With the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy, many Cosmo women together with their loved ones had to abandon their houses to save their lives. Here, what to do as the waters subside.
1. Tread waters very carefully. Sure, the water levels may be way lower than its original two-floor depth, but that doesn't exactly mean that shallower waters are safe. Swiftly-moving shallow water can also be deadly because the current
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