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Single girls should embrace their sensual side on February 14 or any other day by trying these confidence-boosting tricks.
1. Turbo flirt.When you're at a party or an event where you don't know anyone, take advantage of being anonymous by flirting your ass off. Step out of your coquette comfort zone and test-drive being gutsier
Stuck at home with no plans? Not to worry! We've got a list of things you can do in the pleasure of <i>your</i> own company.
Nobody likes to be cooped up at home all the time, but sometimes it's unavoidable. When the weather's a hassle, you're too tired to make plans, or your friends bail on you for some last-minute errands, it's
Feeling left out amidst coupled up peers? Learn these phrases that every single girl should live by.
There's nothing like spending quality time with the person who matters most: YOU! Singlehood can be tough when most people you know are paired up, but that's not an excuse to feel bad. It's important to set aside some "
Feeling insecure about your lack of a significant other? Here are three reasons you should embrace being single.
The true indication of a strong, independent woman is how she embraces singlehood. It's never too late for this. People come along in our lives for a second or a lifetime to teach us something. So whatever the lesson was, I