Too cute!
Scarlet Snow Belo, Olivia Manzano Reyes, Zion Gutierrez, Seve Soriano, Lily Feather Prats, and Lara Wurztbach Manze are the six celeb kids whose Instagram accounts you should follow stat!Why? Watch below:VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on
This app is addicting.
1. Janine Gutierrez (On Snapchat: janinegutierrez)2. Saab Magalona-Bacarro (On Snapchat: saabmagalona)3. BJ Pascual (On Snapchat: bj_pascual) 4. Kylie Jenner (On Snapchat: KylizzleMyNizzl)5. Gigi Hadid (On Snapchat: DoubleGiForce)***For more celebs to follow on Snapchat, visit!* Minor
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