Is Chuckie one of your childhood favorites?
One of the food trends on our list this year is reimagining ways to enjoy our childhood favorites. We have to hand it to The Lost Bread for all of their fun and nostalgic collaborations with our favorites, like Peter's
Great company + amazing food!
Now that the holidays are around the corner, there's no doubt your group chats are buzzing with plans regarding your next barkada get together. We understand that it can be complicated to keep everyone happy. Some people are foodies, others
You won't regret it.
Every time your sweldo quietly enters your bank account, there's a moment where you think about everything you want to spend on. Maybe it's a top you've been saving up for or a lipstick that caught
Slice, slice, baby!
Is there a more perfect food than pizza? A single slice contains all of the important food groups: You have your carbs from the crust, dairy from the cheese, fiber from the tomato sauce, and protein from the toppings. And it's
Here are the must-eats in the world’s oldest Chinatown.
It's hard to call yourself a foodie in Manila if you haven't been to Binondo. Known as one of the oldest Chinatowns in the world, Binondo is home to a treasure trove of all things Chinese food, whether it's
JLD Dragon's first branch in the Philippines is in Robinsons Galleria!
It's no secret that over here at the Cosmo HQ, we'd risk our lives for a great cup of milk tea. Not to be dramatic but, we've endured standing in line for hours just to taste
Head over to SM Megamall to try Monga Philippines!
We're only a few days away from getting our next paycheck, and if you're already on tipid mode, we totally understand the feeling. But even if that's the case, a girl's gotta eat!Luckily,
We've always been curious, so we fry-nally got to the bottom of it.
Have you ever noticed how when you buy french fries, you start by eating one fry at a time, until you get a little more real with yourself? And if it's just a side order that comes with your fast
Keep these orders in mind for when you're strapped for cash.
Fast food chains are already cheaper than most restaurants, but when your budget doesn't have a lot of love to give-usually around petsa de peligro-sometimes you really just need the most affordable item on the menu. Cosmo went
We tried La Chinesca, Bun Appetit, Babu, Tsuke-men, and Bucky's.
We've taken our P500 challenge to The Podium and Ayala Vertis North. Now, we hit up The Grid in Power Plant Mall. Not going to lie: We were slightly nervous about the dishes we'd be served just because
The new series includes four butterscotch beverages.
Do you find yourself gravitating toward beverages with a caramel flavor, too? If that's the case, we have sweet, sweet news for you! Gong Cha recently released its new butterscotch series with four different beverages that will surely make any
Are you looking for amazing restaurants to try in Baguio? We've got you covered.
Trendy vacation spots come and go, but Baguio has remained a go-to for decades. It may be the thrill of shopping for silver, walis tambo, or flowers. It may be the inggit factor whenever someone else brings home a loaf of
We ate at Katherine's Cafe, Ippudo, Tsujiri, Mama Lou's, and Scout's Honor.
No matter how good lutong bahay is, sometimes, you really just want to go to a restaurant and eat something you didn't have to spend hours making. Masarap naman talaga kumain sa labas. But even then, most of us choose
Cameras at the ready.
Looking to refresh your feed with photos straight out of Kinfolk? If it's minimalism you're after, these cafes definitely won't disappoint. Make a date with your Instagram other half, because the places below totally fulfill all the things millenials
You don’t need to be a K-pop stan to appreciate these places.
With as many coffee shops as there are convenience stores in the country, South Korea's café scene is easily one of the main reasons why travelers keep visiting. Next to peeping cherry blossoms in spring and shopping for beauty finds in
Who loves milk drinks? You better check this out!
It looks like milk is having a moment this year because we've got another store to obsess over, and their drinks are milk-based! We're sure you've seen I'Milky all over your favorite celebs&#
The collection features Rachel Zoe's signature palm leaf and leopard prints!
Make room for another tumbler in your growing collection because Starbucks has dropped its new collab with none other than celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe.ICYDK, many credit Rachel for pioneering the boho chic style; remember in the early 2000s
Let these warm your heart.
To imagine a world without chocolate is akin to living life without contrast. It's the primary building block of a million delectable desserts and pastries; the perfect sweet compliment to a savory profile. It can make any plain biscuit or cake
Hint: You can pair it with kaya toast at this place!
Many people know Nanyang as the Singaporean brunch place with great laksa and kaya toast, but not a lot know that they've actually been offering their own version of milk tea since they opened in June 2018. If you'
You'll need to pre-order this Cookie Cake from Ollie's Kitchen.
Some of us are cake lovers and some of us are (wannabe) cookie connoisseurs, but thanks to Chef Ollie Isidro of Ollie's Kitchen, it's possible to have the best of both worlds. If you want to celebrate a
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