Hint: You can pair it with kaya toast at this place!
Many people know Nanyang as the Singaporean brunch place with great laksa and kaya toast, but not a lot know that they've actually been offering their own version of milk tea since they opened in June 2018. If you'
You'll need to pre-order this Cookie Cake from Ollie's Kitchen.
Some of us are cake lovers and some of us are (wannabe) cookie connoisseurs, but thanks to Chef Ollie Isidro of Ollie's Kitchen, it's possible to have the best of both worlds. If you want to celebrate a
It's happening from September 12 to 14, 2019.
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we love a good cocktail. Some of us enjoy sangrias and strawberry-based drinks, while others crave anything with a hint of lime. Personally, I'm drawn to cocktails that are pretty and pink and don&#
You on payday is like the weather in Manila—you make it rain.
Let's be real: When your barkada wants to go balls out on a nightout-especially on payday-heading to Tomas Morato might not even come up as a suggestion. It's understandable, considering BGC and Makati are the two main business
It made a really good first impression.
Famous Amos is finally in the Philippines! They opened their first branch at S Maison at Conrad Manila and are planning on opening more branches soon. ICYDK, they're known for their crunchy, bite-sized cookies.Naturally, we were curious to
Me to my food: 'You're my lobster.'
If the only reference of lobster you have is from that episode of FRIENDS, you're not alone. Lobster is considered to be one of the treasures of the sea, and by treasure, that means it doesn't come cheap either. It'
Are you ready for our honest reviews?
Ben's Cookies-a staple in the UK-has been around since 1983. 36 years, to be exact. It's older than most of us! So you can only imagine the excitement wannabe cookie connoisseurs-us, we're talking
Fruits in wine? It's basically a salad.
If you think wine is boozy enough, then you probably shouldn't have sangria. The problem with that is you'd only be missing out on one of the most enjoyable cocktails the world has ever known.Sangria is like the fun
It's only available until August 15!
When it comes to their Signature Kings, Ramen Nagi seems to always know what we want-even if it's not exactly what you would traditionally have on ramen. Case in point: Their Signature King for the month of August is
Famous Amos is now in Manila!
In case you haven't heard, one of LA's most ~famous~ cookies have reached Manila! Famous Amos opened a branch at S Maison at Conrad Manila. So many of the current faves in the cookie world are all fighting
Dreams do come true.
This is it, folks. The moment every Dunkin' Donuts fan has patiently waited for has finally arrived. Dunkin' Donuts is now serving their Choco Butternut and Butternut Munchkins in buckets!Dunkin' Donuts' Choco Butternut or Butternut Munchkin buckets (
The best part? These places have servings that are good for sharing.
Let me paint you a picture: You drag yourself out of bed before the sun is even up, walk out of your house to call a tricycle or catch a jeep that is the first of three modes of transportation you'
It's a brewtiful day.
Oh, coffee. Even if you're not aware of it, you probably depend so much on coffee to get you through the day. It's the ~elixir of life~ for weary souls. But have you ever considered taking your daily
This is killing me souffle...hehehe.
Only one thing can happen when you combine soufflés and pancakes, and that's magic. In 2017, am.pm launched in Hong Kong, and they became an instant hit when they introduced their Crème Brulee Soufflé Pancake. It made
Keep your positivitea.
Too pricey, too sweet, too inaccessible, too boring-there's a myriad of reasons to start hating on all those commercialized milk teas. Hey, it's okay! You can make a blend yourself just the way you like it.You can buy
Here's how you can make your fave Korean side dishes.
There comes a time in every samgyupsal-loving girl's life when she's just gets an urge to DIY a Korean food spread. After all, you can easily source the ingredients at the several Korean grocery stores popping up around Metro
The Cosmo Cam Crew tries Shake Shack Philippines for the first time.
Shake Shack arrived in the Philippines in May 2019, and it's been love at first bite ever since. For our first try at a mukbang or eating show, had the Cosmo Cam Crew try Shake Shack's burgers and
Starbucks partnered with a luxury sunglasses brand from Australia, and everything is so chic!
With your next paycheck just around the corner, you might want to allocate a small portion of that to what we're sure will be your next obsession: Starbucks' new collection! Starbucks has partnered with Pared Eyewear, a luxury sunglasses
Are you ready for our honest reviews of Popeyes Philippines?
Every few days, we checked the line at the newly opened Popeyes in Arcovia City, hoping it wasn't as long as when it opened in mid-May 2019. Famous for their delicious chicken, many were super disappointed when Popeyes left
Get buzzed minus the strong taste of hard liquor. You’re welcome.
Are there cocktails that mute the flavor of alcohol because you can't stand hard liquor? Answer: Yes. Is it possible to get batshit crazy drunk on drinks that don't remotely taste like there's any alcohol in them? Answer: HELL.
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