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And exactly how to get your hands on 'em.
We've told you how to replicate FRNK Milk Bar's iconic Dark Cocoa Milk at home-super easy, btw-but the fun doesn't have to stop there. On April 7, FRNK announced their limited menu via social
All you need is coffee, hot water, and milk—sugar is optional!
If you're willing to whisk for more than five minutes with a mixer or even manually whisk for 10 to 15 minutes to create Dalgona coffee, then you can easily do your own Kori Kohi at home, too. This cafe-
It's a matcha made in heaven.
If you've already perfected the art of making Dalgona Coffee, Dalgona Milo, and Dalgona Milk Tea, start whipping outside the box and take it up a notch. Thanks to Healthy Foodie PH, you can try your hand at making "Dalgona
'Lahat ito ay para sa mga Angkas biker.'
Angkas just launched a delivery service called Angkas Food! They made the announcement via Facebook on March 23. Angkas Food is meant to help the company's bikers: "Wala kaming commission na kukunin dito, lahat ito ay para sa mga Angkas
These are egg-cellent!
Eggs are fairly simple to make. You can probably cook one without giving it much thought. My perfect recipe involves mixing two eggs, some milk, salt, pepper, and green onions together; I'd prefer it with bacon bits but it'
Cheers to the freaking weekend!
Have you ever ordered a drink from a bar or restaurant that *looks* pretty but tastes disappointing? You can avoid that by making your own drinks at home. And even if you don't get it right the first time, konting
How do you like your spam?
Typically, all you need to eat with Spam is a cup of white or garlic rice. You don't really crave much else. But there are actually several ways to get creative with this canned meat without having to be a
BRB, suddenly so hungry.
Two things that go well together: Shrimp and pasta. Toss shrimp in tomatoes and a bit of olive oil, and you've already got yourself a winning pasta dish-but some Italian restaurants go a step further with their shrimp pasta. For
Sobrang dali nang magmerienda.
You're in the middle of making a report tapos bigla kang nag-crave ng Potato Corner-for me, it's Mega na Cheese at Sour Cream. I'm sure meron din kayong specific na order. Kaya lang, you&#
So, bili na tayo in bulk?
Napansin niyo ba na sobrang init na these days? As in, nakakaloka. Cool down with a delish treat now that summer is fast approaching. Make space in your freezer, guys 'cause Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream is
Everything on the menu is 50 percent off, too.
You've probably seen at least two or five posts about fluffy Japanese souffle pancakes on your feed. But even before this food trend started, there were already a number of restaurants that had this on its menu. One of those
Best P150 I ever spent.
There are very few celebrities whom I love more than Park Seo Joon. Most people can confirm that he's present in my daily life. In the morning, I wake up to my PSJ pillow, listening to "Good Morning" by Kassy
We even included recipes that you might like to try!
It's the weekend and you know what that means: You finally have time to watch K-dramas! And what better way to enjoy your favorite pastime than to feast on some Korean snacks, right? The next time you pass by a
Sinong gutom na? *raises hand*
Cinnabon is one of those dessert spots you hit up when you know exactly what you want right after a big lunch (Cinnabon Stix), while you're shopping for a new 'fit (Cinnabites), or after a long fucking day in
Calling all donut lovers!
J.Co Donuts & Coffee is about to celebrate their eighth anniversary, and they're feeling kinda generous. Next week, you can get two dozen delicious donuts for only 500!For this promo, you can purchase one box of a pre-assorted dozen
The latest take on the ube food trend!
Here at the Cosmo HQ, we're always on the lookout for the hottest food trends, and we've noticed that there's a particular one that seems to be having a ~*moment*~ right now. Left and right, we're seeing fresh
We ordered the Original, Creme Brulee, and Milk Tea souffle pancakes.
For some reason, souffle pancakes are having a moment right now. We're sure you've seen several articles featuring edible pillows all over social (shameless plug of our roundup right here). One in particular is getting a lot of
Milk tea with your barkada? Yes please!
ICYDK, March 8 is International Women's Day. On Sunday, we'll celebrate everything that we've accomplished and the things we're hoping to achieve soon (read: true gender equality).Until then, let's celebrate the little things that
The promo runs from February 26 to March 24, 2020.
Your cup of coffee is about to taste ~extra~ good if you buy it from 7-Eleven. From February 26 to March 24, one order of City Blends will only cost you P20 if you bring your own cup or tumbler. If
They're now available in more FamilyMart branches!
In November 2019, when FamilyMart started offering onigiri at their largest branch, located at the UDENNA Tower in BGC, applause was heard all over the country, lol. Available in five different flavors, Tuna Mayo, Salmon, Tori Mix, Spam, and Tinapa, people couldn&#