Warning: Watching these will make you *super* hungry.
Foodie friends, there is *so* much delicious content available for streaming online rn. From cooking competitions to hosts traveling while looking for the best eats, Netflix has a pretty extensive list of titles for you to binge-watch. Whether you're
Are you storing your fruits wrong?
Are you storing your fruits in the right storage area? In fact, are you storing all your fruit in the refrigerator, thinking this is the best place to store them? We have bad news. You may be storing your fruits wrong. In
And how long before they go bad.
You've been there: You got a little carried away when ordering in, so you've ended up with plenty left over for probably at least one or two more meals. Naturally, getting rid of it is out of the
These are the do's and don'ts of cooking.
You may not be the best cook in the world but you are trying. Hooray for you! You can cook without any help but we think everyone can always improve and level up their cooking skills. However, there are some habits that
Keep this in mind!
Holy Week this year is from Sunday, April 5, to Sunday, April 12. If you're planning on buying groceries, you should know that some supermarkets won't have their regular ECQ schedule this week.Here's a guide
Not all pasta dishes need a sauce. The oil will do.
Are you a fan of pasta but have never been a fan of the saucy pastas? Perhaps you don't like the tang of tomatoes all that much or prefer your pasta that isn't so creamy that it is
If you have ingredients that need to be used up, adding it in is not a bad idea.
You can go beyond the usual chunks of potatoes in your corned beef! That can of salty, seasoned beef is a super ingredient that you can use for many recipes. You can make a corned beef lasagna or baked macaroni from it,
Just one canned food can make a meal better.
Did you know that we can thank Napoleon Bonaparte for the invention of canned food? Back in 1795 during the French Revolutionary Wars, the French Army was said to have offered a huge monetary reward to anyone who could store food safely.
These fruits will keep longer than others.
Not everyone has the ability or luxury of going out every day just to shop for food. There are many ways to have your groceries ordered online and delivered if you're not willing to go out yourself. If you'
These easy recipes don't need much to make it delicious.
If you've got the recipe ingredient basics in your kitchen (oil, salt, ground pepper, sugar, water, and some aromatics like ginger, garlic, and onions), you can make almost anything tasty. With these ingredients, even the most simple of ingredients can
No need to be creative with these delicious recipes!
What makes canned tuna such an important kitchen staple? Canned tuna is ready-to-eat: Just open a can and you can eat. It's also super easy to use as a replacement for other kinds of meat in many recipes.
Save money while you stay home.
With the community quarantine in place beginning March 15 and the rising number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, most malls in Metro Manila have decided to close indefinitely to help the community safe. Thankfully, groceries and food deliveries continue to operate despite
You can shop as early as 7:00 a.m.!
At a press conference on March 14, MMDA Chief Jose Arturo Santillan Garcia, Jr. announced that the NCR community quarantine due to increasing COVID-19 cases will begin at midnight of March 15, 2020. More guidelines were announced, including a recommended curfew
They're now available in more FamilyMart branches!
In November 2019, when FamilyMart started offering onigiri at their largest branch, located at the UDENNA Tower in BGC, applause was heard all over the country, lol. Available in five different flavors, Tuna Mayo, Salmon, Tori Mix, Spam, and Tinapa, people couldn&#
Yung kahit anong kainin mo dun, 'di ka nadi-disappoint.
Picture this: You're about to leave the house with your family when someone casually asks, "Saan tayo kakain?" or "Saan tayo maglu-lunch?" Everybody pauses for a split second and then someone says, "Kayo?" or "Ikaw bahala." This is usually
I’m not saying you and your friends have to eat here, but you HAVE to eat here.
La Union is on every twentysomething's road trip bucket list. Whether you're in it for the waves, the partying, or just the vibe away from the city, the long drive to this surf spot is a must. But La
Siargao musts, from wholesome power bowls to alcohol-absorbing sisig.
Siargao, dubbed the surfing capital of the Philippines, boasts more than the world-class waves, beaches, and turquoise waters-the island is also home to one of the most bustling, exciting food scenes in the country. The island champions a culture of
Slice, slice, baby!
Is there a more perfect food than pizza? A single slice contains all of the important food groups: You have your carbs from the crust, dairy from the cheese, fiber from the tomato sauce, and protein from the toppings. And it's
And it's only P278!
Few noodle spots have the ability to transport you to Hong Kong with every bite, but Taikoo HK Roast has managed to do just that. And if that wasn't enough, they're answering your prayers by introducing beef into
Keep these orders in mind for when you're strapped for cash.
Fast food chains are already cheaper than most restaurants, but when your budget doesn't have a lot of love to give-usually around petsa de peligro-sometimes you really just need the most affordable item on the menu. Cosmo went
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