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*chef's kiss*
As much as we love it when people make food from scratch, there's something to be said about store-bought pasta sauce. I hold it close to my heart because on days when I'm too busy to think
Cravings satisfied!
Do you sometimes reminisce about your office lunch break food? Was one of the meals you miss Ate Rica's Bacsilog? Because, honestly, same. We always crave that rice bowl, too. There was something about it that will make you come
Or if you have no idea how to handle a stove.
Stuck alone during the quarantine with no idea how to cook or use a stove? Frequent deliveries can be hard on the wallet and canned goods can get old-not to mention unhealthy-real quick. Fortunately, your microwave serves purposes other than
Adulting in the time of COVID-19.
Think about what your routine was like before quarantine: How often did you go to the grocery? How many times a week did you make your baon? What were the things you spent your money on? Cut to today, things have probably
Who else wants a basket full of mojos?
Anyone who orders from Shakey's almost always orders the famous mojos (potato slices), too. Since dining out isn't an option because all Metro Manila Shakey's branches are temporarily closed because of the quarantine, the next best
Have you heard of the Kylie Jenner ramen?
As delicious instant noodles are, they can get kind of ~*boring*~, too. If you're tired of your usual instant noodles flavors, know that there are a few ways to elevate our favorite pack of processed goodness. Below, we found various