Fact: Early this year, a man changed his middle name to 'I Love Spam.' Now that's commitment!
Every Filipino knows what it's like to wake up to the smell of Spam in the morning. Couple that with an egg cooked sunny-side up and you have the breakfast of Spampions! But do you know the history of Spam?
It's the ultimate ladies comfort food!
Instead of choosing between wine or ice cream to drown your sorrows, why not combine both? We are totally digging this new invention: wine ice cream! According to the New York-based wine ice cream shop Mercer's, their products are not
Would you care for a Ramnut?
Yes, it looks like food mash-ups are still a thing. The latest concoction that may or may not become the next craze: the Ramunt, a hybrid between ramen noodles and a donut. Josh Scherer of Culinary Bro-Down shared his latest
Looking for delicious pairings made in foodie heaven? We took inspiration from the current food mash-ups and came up with our own 10 creative ideas.
From croissant-donuts to ramen burgers, food mash-ups are all the rage in every corner of the globe. Instagram feeds are no stranger to posts that could have easily come out of an episode of Man v. Food-meets-Epic Meal
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