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Don't forget to share with the rest of the family. ;)
Apart from getting a short break from work-something we *all* need this year, amirite-and spending quality time with family, third on the list of what makes Christmas season amazing is all the delicious food we're #blessed with. This
There's enough for everyone to get a second, third, or maybe even fifth piece!
If you're celebrating a special occasion anytime soon and you want to serve a classic dessert that's sure to win everyone over, you can't go wrong with Lola Nena's old fashioned donuts. The bakeshop
I knew you were truffle when you walked in...(SORRY.)
I used to only ever consider ordering anything with the word "truffle" on the menu when I was with my parents. It was way over my budget. But over the years, people (culinary geniuses) started creating truffle-inspired snacks and dishes that
Great news, '90s kids!
If, like us, you loved candies growing up (because who didn't?), then our latest discovery might just hit you with nostalgia and spark some instant joy at the same time. Remember White Rabbit? Yes, we mean the soft and chewy milk-
The Hungry Club offers three flavors!
One of the few good things we've all experienced this quarantine is the amount of new eats we discover online. For instance, have you tried the unicorn sparkle pizza everyone's been raving about? What about The Lost Bread&#
It's available for a limited time only.
Choco butternut doughnuts are a longtime Filipino favorite, thanks to their distinctive bittersweet, lightly spiced, and nutty flavor. But if you've ever dreamt of having its goodness but in a cool and creamy form, you're in luck: for
Yes, you can have these delivered.
Bungalow Cafe & Bakery at Molito Lifestyle Center is one of the trendiest brunch spots that folks from the South go to for hearty meals, a cup of brewed coffee, super thick milkshakes, and cakes and pastries. Their bombolone (also called bomboloni), or
Fancy, fancy!
Heart Evangelista simply knows how to elevate anything into a fancy experience. When we say anything, we mean ANYTHING. She posted a photo of Chanel-inspired fries on her Instagram with the caption, "Fries but make it fashion." We truly witnessed her ~
These will *definitely* hit the spot.
With tropical storm Pepito continuing to move across Luzon and bring heavy rains with it, many of us are looking for ways to warm up (and wake up). ICYDK, areas in the Philippines were placed under tropical cyclone signals on Wednesday, October
You won't be able to stop eating these!
Like us, there's a big chance you've been spending a lot of your time watching K-dramas-there are too many good ones out right now! And what better way to binge-watch a new series than with
Chickenjoy with adobo rice? Yes, please!
For some Filipinos, nothing brings instant happiness than a bucket of Jollibee's Chickenjoy. The name and the "Bida Ang Saya" tagline say it all! Filipinos know that this tasty fried chicken comes with the fast food chain's signature
Priced below P3,000, these are super affordable, too!
Thanks to the Internet, it's possible to buy or order literally anything online. Are you suddenly interested in ~aesthetic~ candles? Curious about the viral plushie toy that can help you express how you feel without speaking? Maybe your kitchen is
They're perfect for Insta photos!
During this looong quarantine, more people have become fans of the hit K-drama Reply 1988. Minimalist and 3D cakes have also been trending, so...why not combine them, right? Whether you're celebrating your birthday or you just want to
What would *your* cake say?
There are a lot of ways you can communicate with others. You can go the easy route by messaging them through Facebook, but you can also be a little more elaborate and say it...with cake! If you also happen to have
Because not everyone has the time to mix up ~fancy~ brews.
Hello there! We don't know if you've noticed, but a lot of people are now learning the art of becoming ~home baristas~ since we can't exactly hang out and chill inside our fave coffee shops without
Here's a guilt-free merienda fix!
Ever since the pandemic started, our 4 p.m. routine of getting merienda from the street food vendor near the office building is now a thing of the past. It's simply a distant memory that we love to recall. One
We miss buffets so, so much.
Metro Manila might still be under GCQ until the end of October, but it looks like restrictions are starting to loosen up-especially in terms of the capacity at which businesses can operate. For instance, hotel staycations are now allowed, as long
It was designed in collaboration with German architect Alexis Dornier.
With their specialty brews and minimalist aesthetic, % Arabica is a favorite hangout spot for coffeeheads who appreciate a good view. The good news is, you can now get your Arabica fix at yet another spot in Bonifacio Global City, as the coffee
It comes in flavors like Salted Caramel, Ube Cheesecake, and more!
Who can resist a tall, creamy glass of milk tea? We've got good news for all of you milk-tea addicts: Army Navy expanded their LiberTea iced-tea series. They're now offering milk tea in different flavors in
The melon-flavored soju is delish!
Is soju your go-to drink when you're eating Korean barbecue, when you're watching Korean dramas, or when you just simply need a nightcap? If you've been a longtime fan of this Korean distilled spirit, you