Is it better than a foot spa?
Have you heard of the Baby Foot Peel? According to TONS of beauty reviews on the web, this Japanese innovation promises to lift calluses and reveal soft, smooth feet. What makes it crazy popular is that you'll actually see flakes
Give 'em some much-needed TLC!
Whether you've walked all day in heels or flats, your legs and feet need to rest. Here's how to give 'em some TLC.1. Dip and relax.Soaking your legs and feet in warm water can soothe and comfort your
Got a big V-Day date? Make sure your hands and feet are pretty and in tip-top shape! Try this luxurious new nail spa treatment (alone or with your guy).
We're sure you've been hearing a lot about the exotic and lavish country that is Morocco (in celebrity magazines and Gossip Girl, perhaps?) and have been wanting to visit it. If traveling (that far, at least) is out of the
New Year hair tip: Veer from super straight hair; add volume around the tips of your tresses for a sexier look. Try it at this salon that offers luscious mani-pedi packages to boot!
What's your hair wish list for the New Year? If you want straight and manageable hair like what you see in shampoo commercials--that isn't too straight to, say, make your face look chubby--then a Volume Rebonding service is
Too busy you can't even go to the salon on weekends? Give this nail spa a call--they'll <i>bring</i> your nails the VIP treatment they deserve.
Shaking hands with your office/school crush whom you've been introduced to the first time... Prancing around in your new peep-toe pumps... Holding a cocktail glass while gabbing for hours on end at a hip hangout... These are just some
Spoil yourself this month and treat your body to some prime pampering, nail care, and instant beauty!
After a week of putting it to non-stop work, sit back, relax, and treat your feet to luscious scrubbing at this salon in a mall.
Where To Go: Acqua Salon, with branches at TriNoma (916-7558) and Westgate Center, Alabang (771-1340)Rub-a-dub-dub: You'll get the basic service of a foot scrub-perfect for those who don't have much time on their
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