Great for rainy days and more!
The rainy season calls for rain gear, and footwear-wise, boots may be a bit too much for some of us. Plus, it doesn't help that our tropical weather's perennially bipolar, yes?And so we've found
Modern minimalism at its finest.
It's been a while since Kim K first wore them out but it's pretty clear: Transparent heels are still very much alive and officially the summer heel trend you need to try. Giving you the additional height you need in
She's basically balancing on sculptures.
While you were happy crying over Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's adorable red carpet reunion, I was busy hyperventilating over Selena's feet.JUST LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!It's like a sculpture under each heel! And what
Another excuse to increase your footwear collection.
We're all guilty of having a pair of go-to heels, trainers and flats that we can rely on to get us through the day blister-free. However, according to one footwear expert, we should avoid wearing the same pair
These will come in handy whenever you go shoe shopping.
Widen your footwear vocab with this helpful video! Here, we list down several basic shoe styles and how to differentiate one from the other. Arm yourself with this information and you'll be talking like a pro in no time!VIDEO: Jean
Give your feet a break.
Any career girl who's always on the go-not to mention regularly commuting-knows the value of a good pair of flats. Heels are great and all, but if you intend to get around, comfy flat shoes are your best bet.
Sakuras to decorate your every step.
It's currently springtime in other parts of the world, the highlight of which is when frost finally melts off to make way for flowers of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Just look:If those photos of hanami celebrations in Japan are
Plus, spoiler alert: They aren't made to be comfy.
In the world of fashion, Christian Louboutin's signature red soles are a status symbol, much like Chanel's interlocking Cs or Goyard's chevron pattern. At award shows and movie premieres, celebrities teeter in the brand's
Bet you won't be able to choose just one.
The rising temperatures shouldn't be reason enough to neglect your favorite sneakers! Update them for summer by opting for fresh pairs in light, bright hues-luckily for you, we've got 12 lust-worthy styles to obsess over. ;)Tubular Radial shoes
You shouldn't have to hide them, especially in this heat!
Do you feel like your feet are getting in the way of making the most of the summer season? Here, we list down common foot insecurities and suggest shoe styles that work for them:1. Wide FeetThink you can't wear cute
We went to Marikina to find out!
Girls love buying footwear, but has it ever occurred to you how some scraps of material evolve to a pair of shoes? We paid a visit to Kara Zapatos' Marikina-based shoe factory, one of the last of its kind, to find
They're more minimalist than ever, too.
You probably don't need another pair of sneakers, but just in case you're shopping around, we just found the most drool-worthy style. (And even if you made a no-buy pact, we're playing devil's advocate for you.)
How many of these do you have in your collection?
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Up your footwear game with these!
While it would be great to live in sneakers alone, a girl also needs to have her options. Enter the following shoe styles which, IMHO, are versatile enough for day or night, dressed up or down! VIDEO: Jean Saturnino. MODEL: Lou Yanong.
Well, you can try...
Sneakers have been high on our Christmas wishlists for some time now-or maybe when we first realized that no, you can't live in high heels every day. And right now, a fresh pair in pink sounds just about right. Here
Equal parts girly and edgy.
Late last year, you couldn't browse Instagram without encountering a pair of Chanel's cap-toe slingback pumps. And before that, everyone was posting shoefies of their feet laced up in clean white Stan Smiths. Now, a certain shoe style is
Who can forget the platform pumps of the early 2000s?
It's always fascinating to see how fashion evolves as time goes by. We've seen the swimsuits and handbags our lolas and moms loved in their youth, and we've also been inspired by the engagement rings and wedding dresses from
Give your feet a little wiggle room!
Sometimes, you will succumb to a gorgeous pair of heels at 75% off, even if they fit like hell. You bravely attempt to wear them during at least one party para hindi sayang, but fuck, ang sakit, so it's to the
Prepare to drool.
How times have changed! While girls continue to lust for heels, there's no denying the sneaker's status as the It shoe of recent years. These days, you see it everywhere: walking past you at the mall, moving to the music
Just in case nagsawa ka na.
We love our white sneakers and probably won't be able to completely quit them. But right now, they're pretty much everywhere, and we want-no, NEED-a change. Do you feel the same way? You're in luck! We've
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