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Check out these skin care and cosmetics finds that will take you on the road to gorgeous as your wedding day nears. PLUS, products for your guy, so he can look suave, too!
Tying the knot anytime soon? You're in luck, since we at the HQ are devoting the rest of June to preparing brides-to-be for that special day! And since we believe you should look your best even before
Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio lets you in on the latest remedy for your man's thinning hair.
As young girls, we all wanted to meet our knight in shining armor, but let's not confuse the shine of armor with that of a severely receding hairline! October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month for gals, but that's not
Kudos to guys who have a good sense of style. But what if your man doesn't? Our Style & Beauty columnist tells us how to deal with it.
Let's not be hypocrites: a person's looks certainly play a big part in determining whether we find ourselves attracted to him or not. Though appearance is not the be all and end all of attraction, it's what gets our
'Tis the season to spoil the men in your life with these great finds. Look no further.
These days, the way to a man's heart is not only through his stomach. Men these days are more conscious of how they present themselves-from the way they dress down to the way they smell. Who else can they really
If one Derek Ramsay is already too hot for you to handle, imagine what a crazy hunk-fest it would be to see a hundred.
It rained men at The Establishment in The Fort, as a hundred hunks in Derek Ramsay masks took turns on the runway one Tuesday night.Even Derek himself was a bit freaked out to see a hundred men wearing his face. But
Has your booked-solid work schedule kept you from havin' a beach trip? Get a whiff of our picks and visualize your way to <em>that</em> vacay.
Take the holidays as an opportunity to upgrade his closet and <em>pa-pogi</em> habits. See 60 top picks in 12 categories.