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And yeah, foreplay features HEAVILY.
Despite knowing that communication is one of the most important factors in an amazing sex life, for some reason, so many of us still struggle to tell our partners what we want more of (and less of, TBH). Talking about sex can
If you're annoyed that you can't manage to make us come, just man up and ask for directions.
Being willing and eager to venture south is only half (OK, maybe 70 percent) of the battle-just doing oral isn't enough sometimes. There are things to know, things to literally never do again, and things you can improve. 1. A
Over 300 Pinoys tell all!
It's not easy to get men to spill their guts. But mention the possibility of hotter sex and they can't open up fast enough. So for our online poll, we paired up with and got hundreds of
There's no such thing as too much of a good thing, but there is such a thing as my hand cramping up.
1. What do you mean ​more​ foreplay? That was just foreplay to the foreplay? I can only take so much before I start to cramp out everywhere. How about a forebreak? 2. Listen, sex is a balancing act and at a certain
If you're gonna grope, take the padded bra off first.
1. They're sensitive... in a good way. In fact, University of Vienna researchers found that large breasts are 24% less sensitive than small breasts. So, don't make the mistake of thinking it's the other way around. Small boobs like
Play footsie under the dinner table.
1. Be cold as ice...By using an ice cube to titillate each other's sensitive body parts. You've seen it done in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, right? Allow your man to use the ice cube to
Channel your inner vixen with these seductive, take-charge tricks that'll drive him insane with desire.
1. When he leans in for a kiss, pull the back of his head closer to you with your hands. Lightly tug on his hair as you kiss to reinforce the message that you can't get enough of his mouth on
We reveal five erogenous zones you never knew you had. Prime these pleasure points during foreplay, and your man will be <i>begging</i> for the main act to begin.
Chances are, you and your guy have a few go-to moves that are guaranteed to get you both hot and primed for action. And, while it's great that you know what works on your bodies, sticking to the same old
Experiment with the slippery stuff to make your sex life more satisfying and exciting.
A sexy smile, good hands, rhythmic hips--no doubt, your guy has what it takes to get you off. But, there's one more thing that can seriously up your odds of climaxing. Experts agree that personal lubricant, a.k.a. lube,
These out-of-bed activities with your man may seem pretty tame to you, but they actually make your bond under the sheets as sizzling as ever.
1. Whip out the broom.A recent study found that men who do more work around the house have more sex. "Watching your guy pitch in makes you want to get closer to him," says Linda Miles, PhD, author of Friendship On
Stop being self-conscious during sex; follow these six tips to get that sex goddess vibe the moment you enter the bedroom.
1. Undress Slooowly.When you're self-conscious, the impetus is to get your bare bod under the sheets--stat. But, spend at least five seconds removing each article of clothing one by one. "It's enticing eye candy for him to
Learn what his first performance in bed says about his potential as a long-term lover.
The move: During foreplay, he wants to know if what he's doing feels good.What it means: He's hoping to please you. Sex with a guy who asks questions right away about what you like will get even better in
For the love month, take a break from rough, naughty quickies, and take time for slow, intense lovemaking. Cosmo tells you how.
Everything happens fast and furiously nowadays. But, there's one area of life where men want the good times to last longer than you might guess: in bed. Somewhere along the line, guys earned a rep for wanting sex to be a "
Men divulge the most mind-blowing moves you could ever do to them in the sack.
Think you're running out of tricks for your man? Worry not, because we've got you covered. Cosmo asked men to share a few mattress moves that really threw them off the edge. 1. "My ex would save old trash-bound
Get your man to <i>enthusiastically</i> give you the pleasure you deserve down there.
If you were to rank booty moves by how blissful each feels, receiving oral sex would be in one of the top slots. Not only does this sex style let you lie back while your dude does all the work, but it'
Take your foreplay sessions to a more sensual level with these mind-blowing, spine-tingling touches.
You know the sexy tingles you feel from a cool breeze or a gentle caress? Those sensations can also enhance your lust life. "Any unexpected touch hyperstimulates nerves and gives you that quivering feeling," says Sandor Grardos, PhD, founder of
Surprise him big time with these sex tricks that are surely going to have him begging for more.
Keeping a man guessing about what's going to happen in bed is one surefire way to ensure he stays intrigued. "Sexual surprises drive up levels of the natural feel-good stimulants dopamine and norepinephrine in a man's body," says Helen
Extend your foreplay fun! Tease him where he least expects it with sensual touches that will drive him wild.
When it comes to pleasing themselves, men head straight for their members. (Hey, it's easy access.) But when your guy is in your hands, it pays to take a circuitous path to his package. One randy route: The area we've
It’s not always his fault you can’t climax. Know five common bedroom boo-boos that keep you from reaching the big O and find out how to fix ‘em.<br />
Going...going...gone. Sometimes it seems like just as your man's sliding into home, your orgasm's fouling out. But rather than chalk it up to bad luck, it may simply be time to switch up your gratification-getting MO. "Without
Do you know how to pleasure the prostate to make your man’s satisfaction skyrocket? Cosmo shows you how!