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And you don't even have to start all over.
Oh, cakey makeup-how I hate thee. The biggest misconception about cakey makeup is that it's always caused by using too many products, but as someone who routinely uses a zillion formulas at once, I can assure you that ain&#
Your base is guaranteed to last the entire day!
The key to a flawless MOTD is the base, but if you're living in a tropical country like the Philippines, your makeup is always at risk of melting. There are some tips, however, that you can follow to ensure that
Cake-face no more!
Sometimes, we can get so caught up in mastering an intricate eyeshadow look or sweeping a lot of highlighter. We forget that the most important part of our MOTDs is the ~base~. Below, we have compiled some tips to ensure that you
Because finding 'The One' can be hard.
There are a lot of factors you need to consider when buying foundation. After all, it doesn't come cheap and you must find a bottle that will perfectly suit your skin tone and skin type. When you purchase one in
Try this if you'll be wearing foundation for hours.
If you've ever worn foundation from day-to-night, you've probably experienced your base look dry, cracked, and cakey at some point during the day. So what can you do to help make it look freshly-applied? Easy:
Look fresh and dewy with these no-fail bases!
If you're the type of girl who's always on the lookout for bases that will leave your skin glowing and dewy, then you'll know that the good ones are a little hard to come by. Sure, matte finish foundations
You may have been doing it wrong all this time.
Getting the right foundation by yourself can be intimidating. A bottle costs a lot, so you're pressured to get the absolute correct shade at first try. It's a good thing UK-based pro-makeup artist and YouTuber Wayne
Rihanna made us do it.
Rihanna broke the internet when she released her Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. Its inclusive 40-shade range and great formula got YouTube beauty vloggers and Instagram influencers GO CRAY. Case in point: See all the selfies
Choose the best foundation for your skin type and lifestyle!
Here, we explain the best things about powders and liquid formulas to help you choose which foundation type is better for you.POWDERIt banishes the shine.Obviously, a powder mattifies your skin. This is a must-have in your kikay kit if
You need one right now, seriously.
Contrary to the belief that stick foundations aren't for everyday use because of their thick, heavy coverage, these next-gen finds are lightweight and can shave minutes off your daily makeup routine.It cuts foundation application in half.You simply
Read here to find out what will work for your skin type!
When the sun is shining bright and beads of sweat are dripping down your face, the struggle is real to keep your foundation from melting off or transferring onto your shirt. Even if you use excellent primers and moisturizers to prep your
No to espasol face!
Getting the perfect foundation shade to match your skin tone is crucial, because it can make or break your look. Worry not, because we narrowed down the three major things you need to know to always get it right. Watch the super
What foundation? *Wink!*
Foundations do a good job of making your skin look perfect, but when overdone, your complexion can come across as fake and mask-like. To avoid this, we give you the essentials you need to buff a flawless base that's
And the tool you need is in your bathroom!
Suicide Squad and The Legend of Tarzan actress Margot Robbie is often faced with the same dilemma as many Pinays who dye their hair light brown or blonde: How to properly blend foundation into the hairline so that it doesn't look
Don't risk liquids exploding in your kikay kit!
Traveling to foreign places is exciting, since you'll have tons of new places to discover-in this day and age, that also means taking loads of photos. And if you're a beauty junkie like us, you wouldn'
It's all about technique, CGs.
These days, we live in a world where Instagram makeup-an approach to makeup application that can end up appearing fake IRL, but looks flawless in photos-is the norm for most beauty junkies. However, it's time to change things