Penny pinch your way to a healthier bod with zero spending!
Blogilates Instead of spending your entire weekend trolling through vlogs and beauty channels, tune into Cassey Ho's insanely popular Blogilates channel instead. She offers lifestyle tips, cute workout ensemble inspiration, and most importantly, exercise moves that will surely tighten your tush.
There's a proven technique to getting more pleasure out of life: staying in--and savoring--the moment. Sounds easy, but it takes a few mental tricks to accomplish.
Question: What were you doing right before reading this article? You may have been sipping a latte or listening to music, but chances are, your head was elsewhere-ruminating about something from the past or plotting about the future, like that guy
Having the best Valentine's date ever doesn't need to cost a fortune. In some cases, you don't even need to spend at all! Here are 10 of them.
1. Go on a "dinner date" at any grocery store that gives out nibblers (try Rustan's or Robinsons Supermarkets). Then, hit up a wine shop during a tasting night. For dessert, stop by an ice cream parlor (like Gelatissimo) and ask
Here's a reward he'll definitely love, and you won't even have to spend a single peso for it!
Did your man give you the ultimate kilig Valentine treat last February 14? Or, even if he's not a V-Day fan, has he been a really good boyfriend? He deserves a reward, you know. It doesn't have to be
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