Yes, you're breaking the law.
You've probably heard a friend or two brag about how much income they earn while working in their PJs at home or as side income to their regular office job. It's true: Freelancers enjoy a lot of perks such as
'There was a time when I agreed to P40 to P50 for a 500-word article.'
When I tell people I write for a living, I get mixed reactions-usually, though, there's awkward laughter. A lot of people think that what I choose to do professionally isn't a realistic way to make money.I grew up
Who says a creative job doesn't pay well?
The creative industry, often given a bad rap as mere passion projects, is finally gaining the momentum it deserves.The latest report of revealed that half of the top 10 fastest growing jobs on the crowdsourcing marketplace are from the
No, they don't work in pajamas all day long.
People become freelancers for different reasons: needing to spend more time at home, figuring out what they want to do next, or simply wanting to control their own schedules. Seven Pinays let us in on the perks and disadvantages of freelancing for
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