*plays La Vie En Rose in the background*
Got an anniversary coming up? Or is your special someone celebrating a birthday milestone this month? Tempting as it may be to go with what's trending, we have to admit that getting all dolled up for a night of dinner and
These cuts will make you look ~tres chic~!
Whether or not you're a Francophile, you gotta admit: French girls are THE coolest women out there. And it probably has a lot to do with their hair, which always look effortless and perfectly frame their features! Want to bring out
She's now our hero!
After decades of shoving "perfection" down our throats, women are now standing up to the fact that we are not perfect and never will be. Instead, we should all just embrace ourselves for who we are, acne and all.In a brave
Paris is always a good idea.
Let's be real: Few landmarks are as mesmerizing as the Eiffel Tower. It's arguably why every girl wants to visit Paris-you know, apart from the cheese, baguettes, and pastries (yes, we always think about food). But what do you
Merci beaucoup, France.
Whenever somebody says, "I'm not sure if I've ever had an orgasm," I always say, "Then you haven't," because trust me, if you've had one, you'd know it. That's how powerful it can be.It's
Let's pretend we're all Anne Curtis just this once.
So here's the thing: Erwan Heussaff is seriously hot on a purely physical level. But when he speaks, his sexxx-o-meter goes through the roof-more so, when he speaks in French.In what seems to be the most subtly
Super bagay!
Lovi Poe hasn't been keeping her love low-key for her rumored new beau Chris Johnson (aka Super Hot Frenchman). Even if the Kapuso actress has yet to confirm the real score between her and her main IG guy, her pictures
Jean-Michel Maire kissed a woman's right breast on air.
French journalist Jean-Michel Maire is in hot water after he sexually assaulted a female dancer during a live TV game show 35 Hours of Baba.According to a report from Metro, Maire and the 21-year-old Soraya were initially reenacting
She calls it 'in the middle of nowhere,' we call it #WeddingVenueGoals.
Instagram/solennheussaffIt looks like Solenn Heussaff is off to get her perfect fairytale wedding. Like, with a castle and all.The Kapuso actress/host will tie the knot with her Argentinian fiancé Nico Bolzico in Solenn's home country of France aaaand
In case you find yourself dating Erwan Heussaff.
When it comes to matters of the heart, it's no doubt the French have staked their claim on romance. But who said you can't have a little piece of that action? Slip in a few of these choice phrases and
Ordering French food need not be traumatizing.
It feels awkward sitting in a French restaurant and not knowing a single word written on the menu. But then again, when you're a fun, fierce, fearless Cosmo girl, you'd know better than having the situation eat you up alive.
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