Such a classic!
Like most Pinays, Heaven Peralejo is a fan of the no-makeup look. She loves enhancing her natural features by using products that complement her skin tone. For her base, we suspect that she has barely an ounce of foundation-the second-
Steer clear of these pimple culprits!
Like many teens, I suffered through a face full of zits and a smattering of blackheads through puberty. Unfortunately for me, there weren't as many acne-fighting products in the market that could help or were within what was left of
It takes three steps to get rid of bad breath.
There's a difference with some bit of bad breath in the a.m. and having round the clock halitosis. Although certain food items are the culprit behind this oral dilemma, a person's dental environment can also be at fault. Like
Can't stop, won't stop looking at these pics.
Let's get one thing straight: I've never been thaaat into my nails. Like, until recently, I had gotten so used to filing my nails into the same boring round shape that I kinda-sorta forgot other options existed.
Ang lakas niya maka-fresh!
As a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado, I am a big fan of anything that can give my complexion that much-coveted ~*K-beauty glow*~. When I heard that Seoul White Korea, a local brand that's known for its brightening products,
Chic and effortless!
If you're still stumped on how to level up the photos on Instagram, take a cue from Sue Ramirez. She loves posing with flowers-whether it be a single stem, bouquets, or a box of preserved roses. We think it&#
Look at her glow!
Actress Sheena Halili got married to Atty. Jeron Manzanero on February 23, 2020. The ceremony was held at the Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Quezon City. As we checked out their wedding photos, we couldn't help but notice Sheena's
Your ultimate guide to the best no-makeup look essentials is here.
You'll never go wrong with the no-makeup look. You're just enhancing what you've got, but you still look like yourself! Plus, whatever the occasion is, your makeup will always be appropriate. It's also
It's so lightweight!
When you live in a tropical country like the Philippines, having an oily face puts you at a disadvantage-you need to be prepared with your powder and oil blotting papers unless you want to look like a greasy mess. And as
Get these fresh nail looks on your next mani appointment!
With summertime just around the corner, pretty pastels reign supreme. There is something about a layer of sorbet polish that can instantly brighten up your digits. Plus points on how well it can complement a tan! From mellow yellows to soft rainbow
It's a foundation, BB cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen in one!
Hello makeup junkies, we come bearing some good news for you all! Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, one of our go-to local brands, just came out with their latest base product. Introducing: The Original Glow BB Foundie. The Original Glow BB Foundie is
It's a legit multitasker!
Thank you, innovation! We are now blessed with a multitasking deodorant that will answer the Pinay's common underarm concerns. This product fights odor, controls sweat, brightens uneven skin tone, and conceals dark armpits: Meet the Flawless Face & Body Clinic Underarm &
Ganda lang!
You know that feeling when you took a selfie and you thought you looked so cute that you had to share it? We do, too! While some haters would say that posting selfies is a GGSS move, we think otherwise-it'
Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and ingrown hair!
It doesn't matter whether you've got morena, fair, or medium skin tone, you're not exempted from encountering from discoloration, ingrown hairs, etc. on the bikini area. Keeping it clean and cared for isn't just to have
Other than its super cute packaging, obvs.
We're crazy about blushes here at, and we're always on the hunt for our next holy grail product that will give us that beautiful, healthy-looking flush. We're keen on trying out every formula,
Exfoliation is important!
Here at, we're all about underarms-we're constantly on the hunt for the best services, products, and treatments that will help us score flawless armpits. But, the road to smoother and brighter pits isn't
Amp up your daily looks with these tips.
If you're on a mission to simplify your everyday glam, you can always turn to K-beauty for some of the best minimal makeup tips. And to make things easy for you, we gathered three tutorials from K-pop stars
Check out her no-makeup look essentials here.
Looking for new ways to do your everyday glam? Well, then you have to see this "no makeup" makeup tutorial courtesy of YouTuber Rei Germar. Her take on the look is pretty easy to follow, featuring multi-tasking products and zero brushes-
Get these for a classic and elegant look!
To the untrained eye, white nail polish may seem a little bit of a snooze fest. Often worn by brides on their wedding day, white with its variety of shades can, in fact, be swiped onto nails whenever one damn pleases to.
The most flattering nail shade just got an upgrade.
Nude nails, it's the vaguest of trends that cover a multitude of colors: Beige, caramel, ballet-shoe pink, creamy peach, mushroom, mocha (we could go on). But what's a girl to do when muted starts to feel meh?The clever
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