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'It's always been a dream of mine to get into this industry.'
I think we can all agree that at one point in our lives, we've always had that dream of meeting our favorite artista. You'd pray to the universe that someday, you'll chance upon them at the
Pastels are a must.
Hello there! You already know that you can always, always count on us to ~decode~ the exact poses, filters, and elements that celebs use to score their aesthetic Insta feed. ;) Up next on our investigation: Elisse Joson's grid. The 25-
These will wake you up, we promise!
There's really nothing that can the ambiance of a coffee shop, TBH-there's just something about the smell of caffeine and pastries that *motivate* you to go through your tasks. But since it isn't really safe
Tears are streaming down our faces rn.
ICYMI, BTS recently made an appearance on MTV's Unplugged, a music series that gives artists a chance to perform acoustic versions of their songs. MTV's Twitter account live-tweeted the entire experience and definitely let their feels *explode*
Think dELiA*s fashion catalog, but make it 2021!
We don't know about you. but we're so glad that Y2K trends are becoming ~fashionable~ again. From clay rings to chunky sandals and beaded accessories, we're pumped that the style of the early aughts is making
Plus, they're easy to hide, too. ;)
When you plan on finally, finally getting that tattoo you've always wanted, there are a few things you have to consider. Aside from the design, you have to think about is the placement. Since it's your first ink,
One of the things you have to know about me is that I love the ~*aesthetic*~ of the early 2000s. Despite being a child during that time (LOL), I've consumed enough content as I grew older to know what was
She'll be turning 18 on March 12!
ICYDK, Andrea Brillantes, our favorite Gen Z ~It Girl~, will be turning 18 on March 12, 2021! To start the countdown to her debut, she posted a series of photos on her Instagram where she greatly resembles the goddess Venus in Sandro
It ranked higher than French, Greek, and Spanish cuisine.
According to research by Chef's Pencil, Filipino cuisine is the 10th most popular cuisine as showcased on Instagram. The social media platform might not be the jury handing out Michelin stars, but for people who love to eat, it'
Saving this as inspo RN!
Andrea Brillantes is no stranger when it comes to changing up her hairstyles-in fact, we've covered her hair transformations extensively-but we think her latest one might be our new favorite! Recently, the 17-year-old posted a picture
'I was taking in the moment as much as I could.'
Tom and I have been together for three years. Before the pandemic, our dates consisted of eating at malls near my office and watching movies. We would also regularly attend gigs, especially if Tom and his band were going to be performing.
We hope these become available locally soon!
When you're craving soju or a soju cocktail, it's easy to get those cravings fixed just by going to the nearest convenience store or the nearest supermarket. These green-colored bottles filled with a clear distilled alcoholic beverage
You'll be able to relate to *so many* of these.
Confession: Aside from my friends, family, celebrities, and various beauty and fashion accounts, I also follow a *ton* of astrology meme pages-in fact, my saved folder is filled with funny Taurus memes! There's just something about seeing the traits
They've mostly been helpful to students, especially during the pandemic.
I'm the type of person who likes to play music in the background whenever I work. Most of the time, I just play whatever is on my Spotify playlists and it helps me get started on my tasks for the
These drinks are perfect for the summer!
Here's something you should know about me: Soju is one of my favorite ~alcoholic~ beverages, due to how flexible it is. You can mix just about anything to it and you get a new boozy drink out of it! I
Time to take down some notes!
Hello there! Here's a fact: You can always count on us to help you improve your Instagram feed. From ways to look more photogenic, how to pose properly in your ~thirst trap~ pics, and what caption you should use when
Here's what you need to know about it.
It wasn't long ago when the mobile app Lyka started trending among local celebrities and avid social media users. With the app's many perks (earning gems on the app allows you to purchase various goods from affiliate establishments-
And other questions you'll get answers to at JobStreet's Virtual Career Fair.
When I was in college, one of the events I somehow always looked forward to was the annual career fair. As much as it was scary to think about what life would be like after graduation (hello, adulting), it was also kinda
Time to level up from your lobe piercings.
ICYDK, I'm obsessed with ear piercings. After so many years of having the ones I had on my lobes since birth, I decided to get more back in 2018-so much that I ended up with nine in a span
Time for a space makeover!
I'm a huge fan of space makeovers. It's like every month I always try to add something new to my room to make it look good. From mirrors to plants, name a *trendy* piece of home decor and