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The clueless girl's guide to decoding whether it's the real deal.
Have you ever misread a guy's signals and assumed that he was flirting when he was actually just being friendly? Or have ever you missed an opportunity to date a great guy because you thought he was just being nice? Talk
Improve your social skills with these simple tricks for attracting the attention of others.
1. Improve your posture. In a study, those with good posture were deemed to be more exciting than slumpers. Set your stance by pressing your upper back against a wall, then work to maintain the position.2. Maintain eye contact.Many people
Make it your 2012 goal to expand your social circle. Cosmo shares tips for making that happen.
1. Ask a person you haven't hung out with socially to join you when you get together with old friends. Extend an invitation to a coworker or maybe a neighbor, and in turn, she'll likely invite you out with her
Ever wanted to be one of those girls everyone seems to love? Here's how you can put your charms to good use.
Obviously, you know what the word seduction means. But forget the sexual connotation we usually associate with it. Because different from a flirty come-hither stare or a provocative pout, the art of seduction is about charming the pants off people so