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Put your best friendship to the test.
Sure, everyone wants to be friends forever (and get matching dainty tats to prove it), but how can you actually tell if a friend is a keeper versus someone who's really fun and interesting now, but will eventually fade out
'I got tired of seeing her face. Too many selfies!'
It's one thing to unfollow trolls and people you don't really know online. But what if it's someone you actually hang out with in real life? We surveyed people to find out what made them unfollow friends and loved
'We ended up hanging out; she made for a good buddy. Before I realized it, we were in love.'
One moment you're sniggering beside each other in class, and the next, you're staring into each other's eyes at the altar. For some couples, this jump from platonic to romantic takes months of harmless palling around before they catch
This says A LOT about your friendship IRL.
Being a lukewarm, passive-aggressive friend used to be so simple. All you needed were a few strategically placed backhanded compliments ("Girl, he's so cute! How'd you get him to ask you out?") and a conveniently selective memory ("I'm
She was the "Best" to your "Friends," but lately she's been more foe than anything. And so begins the lonely path of grieving the loss of a friendship. When a romantic relationship ends, friends are there to support you with hours
Sorry but you needed to hear this, Virgo.
You already know how your sign affects what kind of ex you are, what kind of bride you'll be, and how your crush will act around you, but what about the purest of relationships? When it comes to friends, are you