Wait...so they're not dating?
Remember the other day when Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin showed up on the Met Gala red carpet together which made us suuuuuuper kilig?Well, Shawn may have just low-key implied that they're not dating, so please hold your
'Friendzoned na nga ako. Basta huwag na nating pag-usapan.'
Arci Muñoz is one of our favorite artistas not just because she's hella talented but that she's relatable as ever. Candidly speaking about her new film with Gerald Anderson, Can We Still Be Friends, Arci revealed that the movie
Here's the exact problem with using the term.
In the late 2000s, one of my favorite things to do (besides put disinfectant ointment on my navel piercing or try on jewel-toned velour tracksuits) was watch The Pickup Artist on VH1. The host, Mystery, had a tattoo of a pair
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