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Don't let humidity ruin your good hair day.
You might be familiar with frizz and what it looks like, but understanding what exactly causes it is key when trying to prevent and tame it. Allow us to explain: When there is a lack of moisture in your hair, the outermost
Add these to your daily routine!
Bring back your hair's softness, bounce, and shine with these conditioners you can use on the reg!Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Total Damage Care, P259, LazadaHead and Shoulders Supreme Moisture Scalp and Hair Creme Conditioner, P150, LazadaHuman Nature Daily Hair
Try these hair-saving tips that don’t include putting it up in a ponytail.
There are times when your locks are out of control-or when you just don't like how they look. Thankfully, you can beat the system by doing these hacks that hide every possible evidence of a bad hair day.Problem:
Shampooing daily can actually cause more bad than good.
1. Don't wash your hair every day. The natural oil buildup in your roots will keep your hair frizz-free. In between washes, work some dry shampoo onto your roots to keep oil at bay.2. Use a deep conditioner. You
Read on for products that control frizz, define curls, and protect hair from heat and styling damage.
We know, we know-the Philippines isn't the best place to let your curls loose (the heat causes frizz, the humidity causes frizz, the pollution causes frizz-you get the picture).This means that if you have a head full of
These frizz-fighting, yummy-smelling serums, treatments, and leave-in conditioners are God's gift to womankind.
Untouched, perfectly imperfect hair sure is sexy, but controlling it can be tricky. Frizz is one of the hardest hair battles to fight, no matter what the season is. While there are numerous products that promise to tame stressed tresses, few of