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Bronde: brunette with blonde highlights.
Blake Lively is now a bronde! Wait, what? In case you didn't know, a bronde is a "brunette with a touch of blonde highlights."Mrs. Ryan Reynolds revealed her new 'do by uploading pics on Instagram while she was on vacation
You're all invited!
When you answered our Reader's Survey last year, we discovered that Cosmo Pinays like you are now focusing on seeing more of the world, getting fitter, investing wisely, dressing better, and blooming more beautifully.In celebration of Cosmo's 18th year,
Your life is basically Rihanna's Instagram feed.
1. You spontaneously do things with your friends. You're not one of those people who, when your friend asks, "Wanna hang out?" suggests you "pencil each other in" in four Thursdays. You're ready to blow off barre burn tonight so
Finding "the one" may be amazing, but it also means putting an end to single girl fun. So tick these experiences off your bucket list while he hasn't put a ring on it!
Marriage is sure to be an adventure for you and your man, but it also means leaving behind many of the exciting perks of being single. So before you tie the knot, make sure to get some of the single-gal craziness
While we want you to stay fab all the time, we won't discourage you from getting your hands dirty, either--especially if it's for a good cause.
While some of us worry about our love lives (or lack thereof), bad hair days, PMS, zits, shopping, or weight issues, a lot of our fellow Pinoys worry about how to meet their basic needs: safe and decent housing, access to health held its first ever eyeball for online members, and the gals, of course, came dressed to the nines. See how some of them glammed up for the night.
The first ever Fun Fearless Eyeball, held last May 19 at Fuel Bar in The Fort, was a huge success. The 70 most active members who won our promo were in for a memorable night out! See highlights from the
The movie and TV drama princess dares to talk about what she would change about the showbiz industry and the most challenging thing about being an actress.
Born without arms, this young woman managed to rise above her disability and learned how to fly a plane. Get to know her better in this video interview.
Enjoy singlehood and enhance your life by following these five Cosmo mindsets. The men WILL follow.
You've seen him as a sexy jock and a cute geek. This week, he charms us in jeans and a tee--and that winning smile.
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Ever wonder why your life isn't spectacularly sizzling? If you're usually the one left behind while your more courageous gal pals explore exotic cultures, have exciting trysts, and own fun, fearless lives, you might be a tad too