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It's like straight out of a Pinterest board!
Because of the ongoing global health crisis, figuring out what to do while spending a lot of time at home has probably been one of our major *concerns* lately. Some have explored taking on new hobbies, collecting plants, and even creating content
They come in the prettiest colors!
Do you ever get that feeling after a long and tiring day, gusto mo na lang umupo or humiga at magpahinga? 'Cause same, lol. We've been going through *a lot* these days and it's just about right
It's made from recycled plastic banig and steel!
I don't know about you guys, but outdoor picnics seem to be making a comeback. Every time I scroll through my Instagram feed, I always see at least one post where a few friends will be hanging out at a
And there's also one that's made with rattan!
A handy tip when furnishing small homes and apartments is to find pieces that can easily be stowed away should the need for extra space ever arise. That doesn't mean you need every single piece of furniture to disappear at
Achieve a French-inspired home with these pieces!
Actress and entrepreneur Marian Rivera has launched a special line of home decor and furniture, and it's absolutely gorgeous! After opening her very own flower shop, Flora Vida By Marian in 2017, Marian extends her offerings with an elegant home
We can't wait for the final reveal of her condo!
If you check our YouTube watch histories, you'll find that we consume a lot of ~space makeover~ content. One of the redecorating series we're tuned into is Ashley Garcia's, who is currently revamping her condo. So
The temptation to shop is REAL.
If there's one thing I've done a lot of while in quarantine, it's got to be online shopping. Nothing beats the feeling of ~retail therapy~ and ordering something you've been eyeing for so long,
And by you, I mean me.
In my quest to look for the best office chair for my new work-from-home setup, I found myself admiring *a lot* of really gorgeous chairs online. Being at home for three whole months has me itching to make a few
What you need to know about the opening of the first IKEA store in the PH.
Since the announcement of its pending opening in 2020, IKEA has been generating a lot of buzz. In an official press conference today, November 20, we learn more about the first IKEA store in the Philippines, along with other crucial information we
Affordable Scandinavian-made furniture and home accessories coming soon.
The rumors of Swedish-based IKEA opening a Philippine store have been circulating since late last year. Sporadic articles have appeared to announce that IKEA is indeed coming, and soon(-ish). Here's what we know so far:Earlier this year,
Want to give your room a facelift? Get tips from designers and take part in DIY workshops with <i>Real Living!</i>
Hey Cosmo Girls! Planning on getting a place of your own? Is your room due for a makeover? We've got the perfect event for you!Mark your calendars on September 14 & 15, 2013 as Real Living unveils Real Living Space, the
Get in the back-to-school groove with these DIY home supplies, paper crafts, and creative artwork that will inspire you to get your space in shape for a new sem.
Most college students are too preoccupied with academic matters, love woes, and friendship ties to pay much attention to their living space. You get home from school, toss your dirty clothes on the growing pile on the floor, and get to work