Apple has announced the date of their next event.
In a few days, we'll finally get to see the highly anticipated iPhone 12 Series. Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing tweeted "Let the countdown begin" along with a photo of his phone's
From the most expensive to the cheapest.
Globe Telecom recently announced that they are making their 5G signal more accessible in Metro Manila by building more 5G sites throughout the Metro-good news for those who are in desperate need of fast Internet connection to make their day-to-
Stats say there will be 88 million Filipinos on the platform by 2025.
Facebook is in local news after President Rodrigo Duterte called them out in his late-night address on Monday, September 28. The social-media giant recently made headlines after shutting down several accounts and pages-some of which supported the president while
You'll also be able to change the chat colors in your DMs!
Soon, you'll have more reasons to enjoy Instagram. On September 30, the social media app announced new features to be excited about! FOR YOUR NEXT INSTAGRAM POST:Perhaps the biggest update is that Instagram Direct will be linked to Facebook
It's time to get creative, you guys.
People have been talking about the iOS 14 update for days because it's finally letting users (sort of) *change* the way your home screen looks by adding widgets that can be added to a page. And while you can certainly
Don't worry, it doesn't make you a narcissist.
You probably don't need your weekly screentime report to tell you too much of your time is spent on Instagram. It's just so easy to scroll mindlessly: when you first wake up, when you're watching TV,
How do we connect in the 21st century?
Sex is a normal, healthy part of adult life, right? A pinnacle of connection, if you will. And how do we increasingly connect in the 21st century? Through the websites, mobile apps, and platforms we call social media.Social media are cast,
Prices start at P180.
If you're currently having an obsession with pretty phone cases, we're here to make you want to buy even more: We stumbled upon online shop Dainty Cases and they have some of the most IG-worthy phone case
Perfect for your all-pink aesthetic!
We know you went head over heels for this all-pink gadgets store, so we're here to make you swoon even more because we found the cutest wireless earphones in the prettiest pink shade: Sabbat's X12 Pro TWS
Can't get enough of pink?
If you love gadgets, gaming, and all things pink, listen up: We stumbled upon a local online store that sells all-pink gadgets and gaming accessories! The Pink Gamer (@thepinkgamerph) is an Instagram shop that carries super-cool pink items and features
Mind. Blown.
iPhone users, take note of these useful iOS hacks to make your life *that much* easier. After all, with all the time you save, you can probably stream another episode of that K-drama you've been binge-watching! *winks*Taking
'We understand the concerns raised by our community in the Philippines.'
Facebook has released a statement on the issue of fake accounts that seems to have taken over the world's biggest social network platform on Sunday, June 7. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Facebook users in the country reported discovering duplicate profiles
Have you tried any of these apps?
There are so many things to love and admire about the Korean culture. But with a necessary quarantine in place, there's a limit to how much we can ~discover~ from home. Sure, you can read about all the cool things
It's time to come together.
On May 11, Instagram launched a sticker called "Support Small Business" as a way to help struggling businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many were forced to cease operations because of quarantine, and small businesses, in particular, are facing a lot of
All the LOLz.
We've become So. Freakin'. Bored. in our homes that TikTok is now our main source of entertainment. But really, who is complaining?! Even after mastering the "Renegade," dubbing the Kardashians, and showcasing some of your mad makeup contouring skills, you might
It's also half the price of the iPhone 11.
Apple's newest product is the latest version of the iPhone SE, which was first introduced in 2016. The latest version starts at P26,490 in the Philippines.Similar to the design of the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE, despite its
We're sure you've seen portraits on your feed.
While you're casually scrolling through your Instagram feed or tapping through the Stories you've missed, you've probably seen several people who have turned their photos into paintings."Anong app kaya 'yan?" It's called
We got to keep you focused. ;)
Even if you don't have an account (yet), there's a big chance you've heard of TikTok. And if it doesn't sound familiar, I guarantee you're following at least one person on Instagram
What's your favorite photo editing app rn?
Admit it: You'll do everything you can to get that double tap-worthy shot, like dressing up in cute outfits, posing by every colorful mural, and of course, giving up precious storage space for your photo editing apps. However, some of
See what the hype is all about!
By now, there's a good chance you've seen the game Adorable Home all over social media (and on every other phone you accidentally look at on the MRT). It's literally *everywhere*-people are posting hacks on Twitter;
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