We are worth more than what we weigh on the scales.
When you live in a world that has historically been obsessed with one very narrow idea of what makes a woman beautiful (clue: it's related to size), it can be hard not to set high standards for yourself.Many women
Yasss, kween!
Pinay YouTuber Anna Cay just announced two major projects that she will be launching this year: Her own makeup line and a mobile app for her followers!Anna made the exciting announcements during a YouTube live session on August 5, 2018. In
User 'Insta_Repeat' is over all the 'same' photos people take.
If you're on Instagram as often as we are (read: all the freaking time), then you've probably picked up on the fact that influencers and celebrities often go to the same places and take eerily similar shots (we're talking
Oh, hell.
Brace yourselves, because Instagram and Facebook have announced new updates which will bare the truths of how much time you are really spending on social media.On August 1, 2018, the platforms announced new tools with the aim of helping people manage
Are you dreaming of making it big on YouTube?
If you've been on YouTube for quite some time now but aren't getting the results you want (read: You aren't reaching your target audience), then consider joining YouTube NextUp's life-changing contest to have
A sweet deal: 50 percent discount for the first 100 bookings in July.
What do these photos have in common?All these celebs booked a photographer through SweetEscape. Launched in 2016, SweetEscape's network consists of more than 2,000 photographers across 400+ cities around the world, and finally, they've made it
The dark days are finally over!
Remember when Instagram decided it was a good idea to priortize certain posts over simply showing the most recent ones? And remember how pissed you were about that? Because why would you want to see your friends' latest posts when you
Make your #OOTDs bloom!
You probably have a garden or two written on your travel bucket list. Who doesn't want an #OOTD with a gorgeous floral backdrop, amiright? Here are Instagram caption ideas to make those photos bloom more! Source: Elite DailyFollow Ysa on
We know you've always been curious.
By now, you probably already know that your favorite influencers' perfect shots on Instagram require a lot of work. Apart from mastering effortless-looking poses, influencers invest on the gadgets they use to make their looks ~*worthy*~ of the 'gram.
It makes you look kyeopta!
There's no question that, these days, we'll try just about anything Koreans are doing! Aminin! So apart from adopting their dedication to skincare, binge-watching every drama we find, and eating at all the Korean BBQ spots in
The company launched new features that you're going to want to know about.
Instagram just got even more video-friendly. Today, the company announced a new app called IGTV that will feature full-screen, hour-long videos created by some of your favorite publishers and celebrities.You can access IGTV two ways: There's
Dark times are over: Instagram finally understands that everyone has the right to be a little curious and that's why they've decided to STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE WHEN YOU'VE TAKEN SCREENSHOTS OF THEIR STORIES.*Pausing for
You shouldn't charge your laptop and use it at the same time.
Let's get this fact out of the way: No matter how much care you put into your laptop's battery, it won't last forever. It's just how lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries work. They have a life expectancy
It'll be released on March 24.
Apple has been partners with (RED)-an organization working alongside The Global Fund to eradicate HIV/AIDS in Africa-for over ten years, and they're bringing awareness to the disease in a major way. On March 24, Apple will be releasing
You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.
You're always huli sa balita.
Presenting all the things that people with free data have to endure. We hope you have a WiFi connection so you can read this.1. The only thing worse than not getting a reply from your crush is getting a text notification
How many of these are you guilty of?
1. If you wake up in the middle of the night, it's the first thing you reach for. It might just be to check the time, but chances are, you get distracted by new notifications and end up on it for
It might affect his fertility.
Do the men in your life always carry their mobile phones in their pockets? If so, they may be at risk of fertility problems, scientists have warned.New research suggests that men's sperm counts may be reduced from talking on a
Time for an upgrade!
1. Sony Xperia Z3 Key features: 2. Lenovo VIBE X2 Key features: 3. Apple iPhone 6Key Features: 4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Key features:5. LG G3 BeatKey features:
Gadgets and goodies your blogger pals most probably have on their holiday wish list.
Still looking for a gift for your budding blogger friend? Or perhaps you're thinking of starting your own blog too next year? You'll need these essentials to keep things running smoothly at all times. Low battery? No problem! Impromptu interview?
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