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' married?'
Let's say you're forty minutes into a relatively solid date when the conversation comes to a lull. A drink and a half down, you've covered hometowns and siblings, bad bosses and slob-y roommates, and playfully
A night of laughter and pangaasar, guaranteed!
We're getting vaxxed, we're going to brunch, and we're thinking back to those hazy days of endless Zoom quizzes with absolutely no fondness whatsoever. But, now that we're all socializing again, anyone else realizing
Looking for something to spice up your evening?
As much as we're all for spontaneous evenings, sometimes all you need is a bit of organized fun-especially at the moment. Forgive us for sounding like Monica from FRIENDS, but sometimes entertainment comes in the shape of a virtual
'It was a nice reminder na, oo nga, magkakasama pa rin naman tayo. Online lang.'
The COVID-19 pandemic has got us feeling all kinds of unwanted emotions-stress, fear, anxiety, and more. If you've been randomly crying during quarantine, you're definitely not alone. If you haven't been getting good enough
Did you play any of these games?
Staying at home has us nostalgic-remember when we'd have enough time to boot up our PCs and squeeze in a little game time between chatting on Yahoo Messenger (YM, for the cool kids)? Ah, the simpler times. Back when
For when you need a breather.
Being alive is...stressful. Sure, real life does have lots of redeeming factors and incomparable experiences, but we can't blame you if, once in a while, you just want to take a break from reality.For this list, we round
See what the hype is all about!
By now, there's a good chance you've seen the game Adorable Home all over social media-in fact, I bet your fyp brought you here. It's literally *everywhere*: People are posting hacks on Twitter; everyone'
There are also useful tips for showering your cat and cutting their nails. #NEED
Kinain ka na ba ng Adorable Home? It's a mobile game with a minimalist interface that has adorable cats + a design-your-own-home feature that's got people all hyped up.To buy stuff in the game-like
This place has close to a hundred games!
Traffic in the metro has become increasingly unbearable through the years, especially now that the holiday season is in full swing. As much as you love to catch a movie, go shopping, or play a round or two of arcade or indoor
Do you love cooking traditional lutong-bahay Filipino dishes? Or maybe, like me, you're a fan of EATING them and now you want to learn how to MAKE them. Pinoy company Ranida Games has released a mobile game called Cooking
There's a game show for every kind of *interest*!
Admit it: At one point in your life, you've dreamed of joining television game shows to get a shot at winning awesome prizes. Well, there's no need to travel far-or deal with stage fright-because now there&#
Woah—168 games in 1?!
Kim Chiu posted in her IG stories that actress-host Amy Perez dropped by her dressing room to give her a wrapped package. She was ecstatic about the gift when Amy handed her what seemed to be a wrapped-up black box.
You gotta play this with your friends!
Cosmo Cam Crew girls Eli and Kaye were tasked to play our Pop Culture Challenge to see who knows more about local and foreign entertainment. Place your bets!Follow Jacinda on Instagram.VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Jacinda A. Lopez, Louise Ferrer, and Andie
Can you find true love while catching imaginary pocket monsters?
Can Pokemon Go, a game powered by augmented reality (AR) technology, help you find true love? Well, Chicago-based dating site Project Fixup is banking on it.On July 20, Project Fixup launched a new service that targets adult Pokemon Go fans
Get ready, Swifties!
Taylor Swift has become the latest star to develop her own mobile game.The "Shake It Off" singer is teaming with executives at Glu Mobile for the as-yet-untitled app that is slated for a global release later this year.The
a.k.a. "Six Reasons why I haven't replied to your text."
Kim Kardashian: HollywoodHave you made it to the A-List yet? Have you slammed Willow Pape and made Simon proud? If you answered "yes" to both questions, you know you're in trouble. The game is helping Kim K rake in millions
For 2013, spice up your relationship and learn more about each other!
Doing new things is great for your relationship, multiple studies say, mainly because fresh experiences give you the same rush you feel during that infatuation stage. And since you always want to dig deeper into what makes each other tick, here are