Make your #OOTDs bloom!
You probably have a garden or two written on your travel bucket list. Who doesn't want an #OOTD with a gorgeous floral backdrop, amiright? Here are Instagram caption ideas to make those photos bloom more! Source: Elite DailyFollow Ysa on
Instagram-worthy spaces in the heart of the city!
Let's face it, living in the concrete jungle of Metro Manila can sometimes leave you with a hankering for nature. It's no surprise, then, that a lot of us hit the beach or the mountains every chance get. However, with
Plan your OOTDs accordingly!
Are you still sad about the permanent closing of the sunflower maze in Pangasinan? Don't fret! There are other local destinations where you can get your floral fix. Here are seven you should consider visiting. Visit Kate on and
No filter necessary.
Planning a trip to Bohol? Make sure you include Jardin Necitas in your itinerary! It's a glowing garden located in Pilar. For only P30, you'll be able to take photos in a field of multicolored, LED roses and tulips-but
And it's in the middle of a desert!
Most people plan a trip to Dubai with one thing in mind: SHOPPING. While they do have some pretty impressive malls, there are more things to discover there. In fact, were you aware that the world's biggest flower garden is in
Have you been to the sunflower maze in Pangasinan?
Have you ever heard of the phenomenon "nearby nature"? It's when the suggestion of the natural world-through lighting or faux greenery-in your work space can trigger happy memories. That's the magic of nature. So if you ever need
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