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'You can be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and still believe in God.'
David Archuleta has come out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.In an Instagram post on June 12, Saturday, the singer revealed his journey understanding his sexuality and balancing his identity with his faith."I like to keep to myself but
'But if you say 'Uy, beki si Bimb, kadiri,' that's wrong.'
Yesterday evening, Kris Aquino shared a video on Facebook where she and her son Bimby Aquino talk and ask each other very honest questions. Kris said of the video, "This is Bimb's story. Ang kwento nya, ang katotohanan ng buhay nya,
'At 16, I kissed a girl at a party for the very first time and it was magical.'
Let's be clear: There is no checklist or timeline when it comes to putting a name on your sexual identity. Each individual is different, both with how they identify and how they may became aware of that identity.To identify as
He's competed in the 2018 Gay Games!
At 26, Jan Cerezo has competed in the Gay Games 2018 (think Olympics, but established specifically so the LGBTQI+ community can showcase their talents, skills, and athleticism without their SOGIE being an issue) for the first time-and placed fourth out of
She took the high road!
Janine Gutierrez refused to be put down by a basher telling her that she looks gay.This had to do with Janine's Instagram post of her looking all glam during the recent press conference for GMA-7's primetime
She said what she said.
Between doing her best model poses with a cockatoo for the new issue of Vogue, Kendall Jenner took some time to address those perennial "is she gay?" rumors.Kendall has been previously rumored to have dated women including Cara Delevingne-remember when
Can LGBT couples start a family?
Graduate college? Check. Get a job? Check! Get married, have kids? Check?That may be the path most people follow-some because they really want to and others because of societal pressure-but for the LGBT community in the Philippines, it's
Disney pulled it out rather than cut out a 'gay moment' involving LeFou and Gaston.
In an interview with Attitude magazine earlier this month, the director of the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, Bill Condon, said that the character LeFou, played by Josh Gad, has "a nice, exclusively gay moment" in the movie.Condon
Trust us, you are not alone.
We all know that story of a girl whose ex-boyfriend eventually turned out to be gay. It could've happened to you, or to a close friend or acquaintance.Enter Star Cinema's new romantic comedy, The Third Party, where Sam
'No boy, yours or mine, could come as close to who we are to each other,' he wrote.
Finding out your boyfriend is gay is one of those horror stories women often throw around, right up there with finding out he's married or that he wants to be a priest. But listen, it happened to me. And my ex
"I stumbled over to the beach, pulled my tampon out of me, and threw it in the water."
Many people find sex in public thrilling. It's illegal and anyone could walk in at any time, which are both reasons that make it seem pretty hot in theory but not always hot in practice. spoke with five lesbians
My mother said, "Well, you do own a lot of blazers."
Coming out stories are so much more varied than what you see in the few stories told on television and movies, so asked real-life lesbians for their stories of how they finally came out.The first one comes from
An Argentinian child discovered a penis on her doll.
According to the Daily Mail, the world's first transgender toy doll is on sale at a popular Argentinian toy store.A mother posted a picture on Facebook after her three-year-old daughter found what seems to be a penis under
Yes, I want to sleep with men and women. No, not together. No, not all of them.
1. "Want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and me?"I want you to know that I very seriously considered just listing this one 10 times and calling it good. In fact, go back and read it nine more times-that'
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
Renowned photographer Jun de Leon launched his coffee table book No Body is Perfect yesterday with a photo exhibit at the Bonifacio High Street Central Ampitheater. Featured in the book is our very own Cosmopolitan Philippines Editorial Director Myrza Sison, alongside 50+
We salute them for being open and proud, but we can't help but wish we still had a chance!
Sigh. What would it take to catch their eye? Unfortunately, our XX chromosomes won't do us any favors. In a business where image and reputation play a vital role in one's career, it is heartwarming to see openly gay actors
Learn the tell-tale signs that your man secretly pitches for the other team.
When Andrea, 27, first met her college boyfriend, Mike, he seemed like the ultimate catch. "He was great-looking and in the most astig fraternity," she says. While other girls flirted with him with no success, Andrea felt an immediate connection with