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It's all about patience.
Gel nails are the best because they stay glossy and last without chipping. These pros, however, become a con: They're such a bitch to remove! We would usually recommend that you head to a salon to have them professionally removed,
Read this, then book that nail appointment.
Picking out the right type of manicure for yourself requires way more than just choosing the look you like best (although I'll admit-that's a good chunk of the decision process). You'll also want to factor in the upkeep
Glossy and chip-free nails for weeks!
It's sweldo day for almost everyone! And because the holiday rush is felt more than ever, we suggest you treat yourself to a quick trip to the nail salon this weekend. Plus, Christmas is just a few days away, so
Because biting, chewing, and ripping them off are VERY BAD.
Hello, let's get one thing out of the way: When it comes to removing acrylic nails at home without damage, you just shouldn't. You should play it safe, have them removed professionally at a salon, and not risk any nail
I've always fancied myself wearing Kylie Jenner-esque polished digits, but I couldn't grow my nails long even if I wanted to. I'm a clumsy person, so I'll easily break them for sure.I
How much damage could that UV light be doing?
Some people prefer not to go for gel manicures because they can cause damage to the nail, leaving it brittle and vulnerable to breaking. But as Facebook user Lauren Ann has pointed out, there's another risk entirely to having gel nails,
Where do you get perfectly painted nails in Metro Manila? We have answers!
How many times have you admired your newly varnished nails, only to chip them after opening your bag zipper? Well, ruined nails be damned! Thanks to gel nail polish, even the busiest of bees can sport glossy, pristine nails for up to
Get a gel manicure for color that lasts up to three weeks.
Here's some fabulous news: Neo Day Spa at Greenhills and Bonifacio Global City has a new selection of nail services that promises you and your pals quick-drying and long-lasting nail color. And since they put a premium on safety