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What do you guys usually do as soon as you wake up? For me, I *always* check my phone first thing in the morning. Before I even go to the bathroom and hit the shower, it's really a habit of
File under: ICONIC.
We've all seen Zeinab Harake's Disney-inspired maternity shoot, a childhood dream that finally came true for her. The YouTuber dressed up as six princesses: Belle (Beauty And The Beast), Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Snow
Earth tones all the way.
I own neutral-colored clothing but I usually mix them with pastels and bright hues. I rarely wear earth tones from head to toe because I worry that my outfit might look boring. But as days go by, Toni Sia is slowly
They're like magic.
So here's the sitch: You're just calmly combing your tresses when you suddenly get into a spot that's such a tangled mess, you end up yanking your brush through it in frustration. The result? A sore
She's turning 18 this year!
Not sure if you've noticed it yet, but we just adore Lorin Gutierrez. She will be graduating from senior high school soon, and we're sure she's going to be achieving great things! We know you'
Use these once or twice a week!
Hello there! As you all may know, skincare routines aren't just limited to your face now-your underarms need some TLC, too. Committing to a regimen will make your kilikili smooth and flawless. It doesn't have to be
Christmas came early for Joselito Martinez.
In March 2021, Ivana Alawi had a moving encounter with a generous street vendor named Joselito Martinez. She was vlogging disguised as a homeless person, and she was going around the city begging for money so she could "return to her family
I'm always game for any outfit that doesn't require so much thought into it, especially on tamad days. And lately, I've been noticing that a micro-trend that supports this style philosophy is slowly taking over
So adorbs!
Hello! We're back at it again with more pretty cakes, and this time, we're going the more 3D route. As we were scrolling through Instagram, we spotted vintage-style cakes with the cutest and ~*chunkiest*~ frogs, bears, and
The music video is both romantic AND painful!
ABS-CBN love team and *rumored* real-life couple Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin recently starred in the music video for Zack Tabuldo's newest single "Binibini." The story is told in reversed fashion, and we first see the couple tearfully
The bathroom HAS A SAUNA.
I'm so deprived of human interaction that one of my simple joys during the pandemic is a good ol' celebrity house tour. Literally any celebrity-even ones I don't usually follow. I still sometimes go back to
Save the date: May 21!
You're probably still drying those tears from a weekend of listening to Taylor Swift's version of her beloved 2008 Fearless album, but it looks like we're in for another round of ~feels~ courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo.
ICYDK, some can even be used as beach mats!
Every time I watch an American movie or TV series with ~youth~ in the cast, the first thing that always catches my eye is their bedroom, lol. It's kinda weird of me, I know. But napapansin niyo rin ba how
Yup, her entire room is only four (!!!) square meters.
Do you ever get in those moods where you're like, "Hmm, I feel like cleaning my room and fixing my whole life right now," because TBH, same. This usually happens whenever I watch bedroom makeovers and desk tours-they just
Sun's out, hat's out!
It is so hot in the Philippines, especially here in the city. Every time I would go out, even just to receive my parcels, I get sweaty right away. Aside from a mask, I have a cap by the door to protect
Mika was surprised: 'Talaga? Goin' Bulilit pa tayo?'
Everybody say, "Thank you, Nash. Thank you, Mika," because these two are back with another dose of kilig! As a follow-up to their Boyfriend Tag video where Mika Dela Cruz tested Nash Aguas' knowledge of her personal preferences and their
This girl loves the ~golden hour~!
Welcome back to another entry in our #aesthetic Instagram guide! Previously, we went through Rhen EscaƱo's feed to figure out the exact poses, filters, and elements she uses for her photos. Today, we'll be decoding Lorin Gutierrez&#
Time for a new look.
Have you heard of the news that is circulating on TikTok? Some Gen Z people say that middle parts are better than side-parted hair. As a millennial who grew up and ~witnessed~ the emo phase of everyone on Tumblr, I was
Yup, they're not just for decoration!
It's no secret that we've all been into ~*pretty*~ cakes during the quarantine. From Korean-inspired minimalist ones to the return of vintage-inspired cakes, not a day goes by that we don't see these quirky
It does a good job of exfoliating, too!
We *love* body scrubs because they are helpful in sloughing away dead cells and gunk to reveal softer, smoother, and brighter skin. There are a ton of options available in the market, but if you want to go the ~DIY~ route, we