'I didn't want to breathe the same air as them when I read the messages.'
Campus sexual harassment and assault, despite it being the year of the #MeToo movement, is still a pervasive problem. On November 20, 2018, Upsilon Sigma Phi, a prestigious fraternity of the University of the Philippines, came under fire after alleged screenshots from
'We believed far too much in the goodness of other people, and now it’s clear that we shouldn’t have.'
Like many women of this generation, I've sent the occasional sexy selfie (sorry, mom) to a guy I thought I could trust, a boyfriend whom I believed would keep that sexy selfie for his viewing pleasure only. And while women like
When it happens to someone they love, they get angry. VERY ANGRY.
Clearly, catcalling and other forms of street harassment make our blood boil-just look at all the articles we've published about how it makes us women feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and downright disrespected.This time, we wanted to know what our male
39% of women believe they've been held back from promotions because of their gender.
If you've ever been asked about your plans on starting a family during a job interview, that's not a standard question...or at least it shouldn't be anymore. If you think about it, what does that have to do
What. The. F.
A lawyer, who was defending a wealthy man in a Tennessee, USA rape trial, has caused outrage after telling the jury that women are "especially good" at lying because "they're the weaker sex". The man in question, Steve Farese, made the
Unfortunately, we didn't make this up.
Truthfully, the amount of shit we have to deal with on a daily basis is unfathomable. We'll never actually be able to write it all down. Still, we've collected some of the worst things real people have said to or
It's been 113 years since the men-only bike race was created. So why hasn't it changed?
The Tour de France, the most prestigious bike race in the world, ends July 24. One thing we can't help but notice: Women are not crossing the finish line with the men.The event is in its 113th year, and the
Qandeel Baloch's brother confessed to strangling her to uphold their family's honor.
Social media star Qandeel Baloch, famous for her sassy and controversial videos, was murdered by her brother, Waseem Azeem, in their own home on July 15, 2016. Baloch's parents found her body and lodged a police report against both of her
"I think there's a lot of racism. I think there's a lot of sexism."
It's been about a year since she founded the gender equality movement #HeforShe and Emma Watson is still talking about sexism and its impact on women's daily lives. In a new video, Emma speaks out about issues within the fashion
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