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No, it doesn't mean you feel 'born in the wrong body.'
Gender fluidity is hardly an unknown term in 2019-but you wouldn't be alone if you're unsure of exactly what it means. As more and more people begin to openly challenge conventional gender stereotypes-a 2017 government study
Your comprehensive guide to one of many gender identities.
With the use of an ultrasound, by just 18 to 22 weeks into a pregnancy, an OB/GYN can determine the gender of a baby based on their genitals. Babies with penises are identified as male, and babies with vaginas as female.
'Confidence is incredibly attractive.'
There's no denying the charms and magnetic pull of actor, model, podcaster, and LGBTQIA+ advocate Nico Tortorella. Nico currently stars as Josh in the quirky comedy series Younger alongside Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, has come out as gender-fluid,
'He was excited I discovered a new side of myself.'
Sadly, there are still so many myths and misconceptions surrounding bisexuality. One of the most prevalent, is that when a bi woman's in a relationship with a guy, she's no longer bisexual. FYI, when a bi woman has
Can LGBT couples start a family?
Graduate college? Check. Get a job? Check! Get married, have kids? Check?That may be the path most people follow-some because they really want to and others because of societal pressure-but for the LGBT community in the Philippines, it's
Funeral parlor owners pointed out that it's difficult to find women who want to work as embalmers.
Baguio City councilor Lilia Fariñas just proposed a city ordinance that would require funeral parlors to hire female embalmers and morticians to deal with female cadavers, reports Justin Aguilar on ABS-CBN News Online.Fariñas explained that the ordinance aims
A Pinay shares what it's like to be genderqueer.
I am genderqueer. I wouldn't be surprised if that's a term you don't understand.Since I came out as queer seven years ago, I've gotten my fair share of "queer what?" reactions from peers. But despite being genderqueer
We need to retire this absurd stereotype.
A (non-fuccboi) guy friend once told me that he's frustrated by all the profiles he sees on Tinder because women feel the need to include a height requirement. His exact words were, "It's like females banded together and collectively
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on May 9, 2017!
1 The 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards made history by making their acting awards gender-neutral. This means that there were no Best Actor and Best Actress awards given out-just a Best Actor. Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson
The five members identify as genderless.
Meet FFC-Acrush, they're a musical group consisting of five androgynous people assigned female at birth but who identify as genderless. They're all 20 years old or younger, and they're becoming *HUGE* celebrities in China. Also, I love them.
Another day, another gender stereotype to break.
What do When Harry Met Sally, He's Just Not That Into You, and The Ugly Truth have in common? In all three movies, it's the women who fall in love first (and hard). They're the ones who pine after
This is so sad.
By now, we all know that gender stereotypes influence people's ambition and confidence when it comes to their careers-men are perceived as determined or motivated, and women are labeled as "pushy," "bossy," or "too aggressive" for the same actions. This
'We believe that women of all backgrounds should have an equal shot at elected leadership position.'
In time for the election fever in the U.S., Mattel released four sets of Barbie President and Vice President Dolls. This is in collaboration with She Should Run, a non-partisan organization dedicated to motivating girls to explore leadership opportunities and
They enforce gender stereotypes.
A new study released by Brigham Young University found that preschoolers who watch movies featuring Disney princesses and playing with Disney princess toys are more susceptible to potentially problematic gender stereotypes. This stereotypical behavior isn't that bad on its own, but
And it's maybe the coolest reason ever.
If you've ever felt super girly sometimes and other times felt more like a guy and also felt virtually anywhere in between, science finally has a reason why. A new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found
We can listen! We listen all the time!
1. That he'll hate your mom. Unless your mom is an actual garbage human, the age-old sitcom stereotype of hating on your mother-in-law is patently untrue. At worst, he tolerates her. At best, they're basically BFFs and
They were equal 200,000 years ago.
We all thought that the clamor for gender equality is a fairly recent movement, beginning in the West in the late 19th century and focusing on women's suffrage. But a study published in Science shows that men and women used to
Is this a sign of things to come?
Amazon has taken a small but vital step towards ditching the "boy" and "girl" categories for toys, by removing the gender section on their UK site. Indeed, it is a subtle change that doesn't completely wipe out the gender taxonomy, but
Ladies, you might want to pass this on to your hubbies.
According to new research, there are more stay-at-home dads now more than ever, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just like women like to keep a healthy work-life balance, men should also be able to benefit from
Facebook wants you to be, well, you!
No matter what your gender is, Facebook has it covered. The social network launched a new custom gender option to help you better express your own identity. An announcement on its Facebook Diversity page states, "We collaborated with our Network of Support,