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'She got me a Hello Kitty wallet. I’m a guy.'
Ah, Christmas. The season of gifts, giving... and crap gift-giving.We got 25 guys and girls to share the worst gift they've ever gotten at their school, office, and barkada Kris Kringles, from expired condoms to hotel shampoo bottles to
So long, gift guides!
Every year you probably check out gift guides to get ideas on what to give your dad, your kabarkada, and your boyfriend. And you might have a particularly hard time thinking of what to give guys in general, which is why we
Purchase your gifts from social enterprises, and help out a cause the recipient cares about.
There are two kinds of people in this world: people who thrive in all things Christmas, and people who get overwhelmed by the stress of holiday festivities-and we all know who wins that contest. But even natural-born gift givers (Hello,
Give him the most meaningful gift ever!
The biggest tip in finding that perfect gift is to ask yourself "How do I want him to feel when he opens this gift? What message do I want to send?" Well, birthdays are the perfect time to remind your boyfriend of
Extremely helpful if you're clueless AF.
On his birthdayWhat to get him: Shoes Most men are suckers for a pair of killer kicks. If you want to surprise him, you can base your choice on his current arsenal of footwear. He could be a sneaker-head, a collector
Shoes over shirts.
1. Instead of getting him self-help booksGet him: Comic booksWhy: Because there's more wisdom to absorb from the fictional existential trials of Batman and Superman, rather than having to listen to some self-righteous author capitalizing on the insecurities of
Get him one of these gadgets and he'll be thanking you for the rest of the year!
Five days 'til Christmas and you still don't have a gift for your boyfriend? We've got you covered, CGs! We rounded up some of the latest gadgets that will surely make him a very happy boy.
In honor of Father's Day weekend, columnist Bianca Valerio offers practical yet awesome gift ideas for the men in our lives.
Father, boyfriend, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, officemate... They are the men in our lives who have brought us much love, happiness, stress, pain, flowers, unwanted pounds, butterflies, and even the stars, if the shoe fits! Admittedly, finding the perfect gift for guys
Shopping for a Valentine present for your man this weekend? Here are some ideas we think he'll love!
C'mon, don't be a spoilsport; think of something special to give your man on Valentine's Day, just to say you appreciate all the times he took you out on dates, made all that effort for you, and gave you
Get him something new for Valentine's Day this year. Here's our gallery of cool stuff he'll love!
No matter how well we know our man, shopping for his gift can really be quite a challenge. It's definitely not as easy as picking out a gift for our girlfriend, sister, or mom, whose tastes in gifts are most likely
'Tis the season to spoil the men in your life with these great finds. Look no further.
These days, the way to a man's heart is not only through his stomach. Men these days are more conscious of how they present themselves-from the way they dress down to the way they smell. Who else can they really
Wondering what gift to give your guy? Get a clue from this hunky actor/model, whom we ambushed at a TV5 party.