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And they're mostly K-dramas!
The physical, romantic, and emotional bonds you share with your partner aren't the only things that make a relationship extra special. It's also about those moments you spend learning about each other's different interests-may it
Aka the cause of all my insecurities.
High school is an awkward time in anyone's life: Acne-forming hormones are practically coursing through your veins. You're still growing and nothing fits right. Everything feels like the end of the world. Except, you would never know
We had NO idea!
We're stuck to Netflix's teen survival drama The Society like Grizz to an inspirational quote. The 10-part series follows a group of privileged young people who are mysteriously transported to a replica of their wealthy New England
All for your viewing pleasure, CGS!
From Jughead Jones of Riverdale to Clay Jensen of 13 Reasons Why, we've got nine of the hottest crushable male characters we're obsessed with on the small screen RN. Good news? All of these shows can be streamed on Netflix.
And we want to get married in it.
We're currently eagerly awaiting the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix-which we'll be able to binge watch from Friday, November 25-and so unless your opening words to us are "I read this cool thing on Rory Gilmore," we're
If you didn't know these things before the obsessive, year-long coverage of the revival, you do now.
I have never watched The Gilmore Girls.And none of this was a problem until the series announced its Netflix reboot. I'd spent my adult life ducking Gilmore Girls analysis and dropping declarative sentences like "Ugh-typical Dean" to fool acquaintances
But sadly, he 'fell flat.'
Okay, so here's some This Role Could Have Been Played By That Actor news we never saw coming.Ryan Gosling-A-list actor, light of our hearts, and deep thinker-was almost cast in Gilmore Girls. And the only reason he
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 26, 2016!
1 Paolo Ballesteros just took his makeup transformations to a whole new level! The actor walked the red carpet as Angelina Jolie at the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival, where he represented his movie Die Beautiful. Ah-mazing! (PEP) 2 Outgoing US
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 19, 2016!
1 OMG! How beautiful are these prenup photos of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards? The two-well their characters on Kalyeserye, that is-announced their engagement on the show a few days ago. And, not long after, these dreamy photos of Yaya
BRB, getting our team shirts ready.
Happy Gilmoreversary!!! Gilmore Girls, aka the wittiest, most relatable show in history, aired 16 years ago-do you feel old yet? And now, thanks to Netflix, we'll be getting four new episodes next month! Until then, here's a featurette with
Because you are seriously missing out if you're not!
Gilmore Girls, which first premiered in the year 2000 (whoa!), is a story about mother-daughter tandem Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel). Set in the small town called Stars Hollow, it's a funny and oft-emotional look
'Where you lead, I will follow!'
The new Gilmore Girls trailer just dropped this morning and we CANNOT DEAL. We first heard about the revival on January 29 (thank you, Netflix) and we've seen several set photos since the announcement, but this trailer took the cake! The
Like how you can never talk as fast as they do.
1. No, you don't need coffee all the time. But fighting the urge to drink it is really hard. Also, you can't function as well as Lorelai after 15 cups.2. Arguing with your BFF/boyfriend/mom about who Rory'
We're going back to Stars Hallow!
Facebook/Gilmore GirlsThe original cast of the Gilmore Girls, including Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, are returning to the revival of the comedy drama series due to be out on Netflix in 2017.Netflix and Warner Bros. Television confirmed that the streaming
It's just life imitating art, babe.
Talk about awkward. When these breakup scenes were filmed, most (if not all of these exes) were still an item then. Here's how we'd imagine them actually breaking up in real life. Hey, it's the closest thing we've
Back to school and stressed already? Get some inspiration from these fierce schoolgirl characters from your fave movies and TV shows.
Set your alarm clocks, kolehiyalas! June has rolled around again and that means one thing: you're going back to school. If you're feeling bummed that summer's over and stressed about your new subjects and teachers, find