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It’s 'kids helping kids in a world of adults.'
There's an *indie* series making waves online, and it involves-you guessed it-murder and crime. Basta Gagradweyt Tayo (As Long As We Graduate) is an angsty coming-of-age series written and directed by college student Leighton Angcan, and
'Sawadee kha Nanno na kha.'
We know how much you love discovering new shows, and there are times when you're specifically in the mood for *gritty*, intriguing ones. Here, we gathered seven Thai TV series that might just satisfy that dark craving of yours: Good
Are you ready for more Nanno action?
Girl From Nowhere fans, are you ready for more Nanno action? Well, good news: Netflix just announced that filming for season two of that Thai thriller has officially begun in Bangkok. Netflix Thailand posted an ultra-creepy teaser of Nanno, and according
Friendly tip: Please don't mind the monkey.
Okay, I'm not going to lie: Netflix's new Thai horror film The Maid was off to a slow start. To be perfectly honest, the beginning was downright corny and wasn't scary at all (friendly tip: please
Harry Styles follows her on Insta, NBD.
Just as how K-dramas have amassed a loyal international fanbase, Thai series are also starting to gain traction overseas, including here in the Philippines. If you're in dire need of a new show to binge-watch, then you'
Get ready to meet Nanno.
We know you can't get enough of K-dramas, but we also know that you enjoy recommendations for other Asian countries like these Japanese dramas on Viu or Thai movies to watch on Netflix.And if you love epic revenge