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Everyone can tell how happy he is when he's with you!
He says he's never been happier until he got together with you or since you came into his life.If he's an honest guy (and we're pretty sure he is), he's serious when he
Everyone wants to be adored, but chances are, your man won't ask for it. Allow us to clue you in on the things he secretly wishes you would do for him.
1. Be Happy To See Him"Something as simple as waving when he pulls into the driveway sends a powerful message," says M. P. Wylie, PhD, director of the Relationship Research Foundation.2. Cheer Him On At A Key Time"Give him
You might not be aware of it, but some situations can make or break your chances of having a relationship with a guy you fancy.
Guys often realize that a woman is truly girlfriend material after they see her ace a sticky one of these four scenarios.1. You Hole Up TogetherIt's an early-lust ritual: You hang out Friday night, blow off plans