Get pretty in a jiffy! asked Bobby Wang, EsteƩ Lauder's Global Pro Makeup Artist (aka top models Kendall Jenner and Liu Wen's MUA) for the quickest way to look put-together for a night out with your girlfriends.Follow Ira on Instagram.
'Ovaries before brovaries.'
Every year, without fail, couples all over the world celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14. But did you know that February 13 is also a day of celebration? It's Galentine's Day! No, that's not a typo. Originally coined
Your life is basically Rihanna's Instagram feed.
1. You spontaneously do things with your friends. You're not one of those people who, when your friend asks, "Wanna hang out?" suggests you "pencil each other in" in four Thursdays. You're ready to blow off barre burn tonight so
a.k.a. when your day is full of crap.
1. Have some QT with your girlfriends. A whole day of non-stop girl bonding might be all you need to clear your mind and have the energy to be on top of things once again when you get back to work.
If the female version of Barney Stinson existed, she'd write this.
1. Never date your best friend's ex.Like, ever. Preach, Gretchen Wieners, preach. 2. Once your friend calls shotgun on a hot guy, back off.It's not worth the catfights, promise. 3. You mess with one, you mess with all.
Smoking when drunk is a gateway to being a full-time smoker...and more hard-earned wisdom from a late-twenties booze enthusiast.
1. The best way to save money while partying is to bring a certain amount of cash to the bar and spend no more than that. When you are drunk and open a tab, money doesn't even feel real. It feels
To all the boyfriends who've had to wait for hours, we do not apologize.
1. Ask each stupid makeup questions like "Pantay ba kilay ko?"Or, "If my dress is purple, and I put on purple eyeshadow, will I look like an eggplant?" Fact: Putting on makeup is the #1 reason why it takes us a
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