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They're really perfect for these high-end labels.
K-pop is a global phenomenon with fans cheering for their favorites across the world. That's why brands, particularly those under luxury, are quick to sign K-pop idols as their endorsers and brand ambassadors not only for their loyal
She even has it in two different colors!
Are you a fan of the 2020 Netflix K-drama Hi Bye, Mama!?The heartwarming show follows Cha Yu Ri (played by Kim Tae Hee), a loving mother who is abruptly killed in an accident. Unwilling to part ways with her daughter,
It's time to treat yourself.
One of my philosophies in life is that you can never have too much lipstick. It's the cherry on top of your look, one of the few things that you can change throughout the day-whether you feel like putting
Take this quiz to find out!
Almost every girl has dreams of having a designer bag someday, and even if your current sweldo looks like it won't cut it, your future still looks ~*bright*~. Take this quiz to find out which designer bag is right for
It's all about feeling fresh, CGs!
Leave your heavy perfumes for the cooler months, because during summer, fresh and clean pabango is IN to complement the sunny weather and warm ~breeze~. Sounds like the perfect combination? Then keep reading for the six best fragrances you can wear this
Still looked totally fierce.
In proof that even supermodels struggle to walk in high heels at times, Candice Swanepoel took a tumble during Givenchy's show at New York Fashion Week show. As a lace-bedecked Kim Kardashian and leopard print-wearing Nicki Minaj looked on,
Wondering what our September cover girl keeps in her bag? We spill the stash she brought to her cover shoot!
Solenn Heusaff makes it look so easy. The statuesque beauty looks absolutely stunning as she rocks super-sexy outfits in the cover story of Cosmo's September issue.We all know she's gorgeous-that's a given-but Solenn's much
Find out what the celebrity stylist brings with her during fashion shoots.
We're introducing a new theme for November, Cosmo chicks, and it's something we know you will simply love: This November, Cosmo is all about fashion, fashion, fashion! To kick off the most fasyon time of your Cosmo-tized year, we'