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Because glass skin is in.
With selfies (and photography in general), good lighting is key to achieving that perfect shot. For example, no matter how dewy your skin is IRL, bad lighting won't let you properly flaunt your glow. But with the right tools, you
Shine bright like a diamond in sunny Manila.
Let's be honest: Not everyone has the genes to score glass skin. But, thanks to our IG pal @milkeu_tea, we can at least achieve a poreless and almost transparent complexion with makeup and a few photography tricks.According to her,
Mask your way to a transparent complexion!
Achieving a transparent complexion with a healthy sheen-aka "glass skin"-depends on your diet, lifestyle habits, genetics (lest we forget!), and of course, an effective, consistent skincare regimen. What better (or cheaper) way to jumpstart your way to a K-beauty
She used some non-Korean products that are available in drugstores!
ICYDK yet, K-beauty introduced a new trend called "Glass Skin," where one possesses a poreless, porcelain-smooth complexion with a super dewy (almost wet) and reflective finish.Ellie Choi, an aspiring Korean makeup artist, shared via IG the products she uses