They're literally eye candy.
Get ready for a visual feast 'cause you won't get to take your eyes off this list! Here, a roundup of our favorite Pinoy celebs who look even HOTTER with eyeglasses on.  
Who says you have limited makeup options if you wear specs?
Your glasses are already a bold accessory, so if you find yourself stumped for makeup looks, a fresh and glowing face is the way to go.Pretty bare With a bit of tinted lip balm, powder foundation, brow gel, and mascara you'
Find the style that flatters your features!
Just like eyebrows and hairstyles, whether a pair of sunglasses suits you or not is primarily dependent on your face shape. Clueless when it comes to the type of frames that would complement your features? We got you-watch the video below
Your questions about laser eye surgery, answered!
Cosmo Quickie: This story at a glance!***Have you ever just wanted to fall asleep right after a night out with the girls-only to realize you haven't taken out your contacts? Or placed your glasses down for JUST ONE SECOND
Here's how you can look your best when sporting your specs!
Knowing the right makeup look is extra challenging when you sport glasses on a daily basis. And since we know just how difficult it can be to navigate through your daily beauty looks when sporting specs, we're here to help you
Ditch those contacts and let your eyes breathe, y'all!
Everyone deserves a break from wearing contact lenses. Although they're convenient, nothing feels as good as not having to worry about a lens drying out, or worse, ripping midday. Here, six celebs who traded in their contacts for their specs.Watch
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