It's sparkle time!
Anything Glossier drives me crazy, and this teaser got my heart racing! Amelia, a rep of the brand, shared a preview of the company's latest product on her Instagram: a glitter version of the cult fave Balm Dot Com! It
See how we rated these wallet-friendly glitter pigments in our latest beauty review!
When searching for the perfect eyeshadow, we know what to look for: a layerable, pigmented, long-wearing, and blendable formula. But with glitter pigments, it's an entirely different story because they're not the same as regular eyeshadows-they're used
I bet in a million years you'd never would consider glitter a deadly weapon. Well, not the finely milled kind anyway, but glitter that is not meant to be used on your eyes-like craft glitter-can actually be a dangerous
Blame the lash glue.
We've seen and read a lot of ~*life-changing*~ beauty hacks on the Internet. While most of them live up to the hype, some of them are just plain dangerous.The ladies at Buzzfeed tested out an eyebrow trend that was
Being ~*all grown-up*~ isn't an excuse to stop having fun with makeup. Remember, you will never lose your license to wear bold eye shadow, hot red lipstick, and of course, glitter! But if you're not sure how to incorporate
We found two beauty hacks you can try!
We love applying glitter polish as much as you do. But when it's time to remove the party nails, our adoration for these sparkly lacquers quickly turns to major inis because it's such a hassle to do! Fortunately, there are
Bored with your look? Add a little sparkle to your wardrobe this season by looking stylish in show-stopping sequins.
Bask in your shining fashionista glory in these outfits done in silver, gold, and all that glitters.
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