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Here's how you can fake that summer look.
Don't you just love it when you get that natural *glow* after spending some time at the beach? The good news is, you can keep that radiant, sun-kissed look even if you're back in the city. Moisture is key
This is Nadine Lustre's *secret* to her glowing skin.
If you want to get rid of bacne or even out the discoloration on your body, one solution you can try at home is to use a good ol' body scrub. Like your face, your body needs exfoliation, too. It accumulates
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Good news: You can score a ~*glowing*~ skin without spending too much. There are a bunch of affordable yet effective skincare finds out there that work like magic. Today, we're putting the spotlight on this duo that everyone-including ourselves-
It's derma-approved!
Scoring ~glowing~ skin has always been my ultimate beauty goal. Lately, though, my skin has been looking a bit dull (Plus, I do have some post-acne marks on my cheeks.) So when I heard about the new Whitening Facial Set of
It only has five steps!
Let's be real: As much as we want to achieve the *dewy* skin of our dreams, many of us just can't be bothered to do a multi-step skincare routine-and that's okay. You don'
Time to wind down.
A healthy, glowing complexion has always been a goal of ours, and we believe that a good skincare routine plays a major role in that objective. The most basic regimen you can try would be a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen (very
Like, prepare to make an appointment ASAP.
Heads up: If you've tried all the brightening face creams and exfoliating serums and you still haven't found an effective solution for your dark spots, uneven skin tone, or excess oil and shine, it might be time to book yourself
Your ultimate guide is here.
If your goal is to finally achieve dewy skin, look no further. Here is your ultimate guide to getting that healthy glow, whatever your skin type is.The term "dewy skin" has been around for decades. It has even evolved to these
I am now more confident with my bare face!
As a theater actor before the pandemic, I was always wearing heavy makeup while doing the choreography under intense stage lighting. It's safe to say my skin hasn't always been in the best condition. Looking back, my face was
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Sometimes, we think that layering skincare products on our faces will speed up our journey to clear glowing skin. Sadly, it could be the opposite. There is a possibility that we overdo skincare, especially when the products are loaded with the best
Better together!
I've been a beauty editor for many years now, but I do admit that I still get confused with mixing and matching products for my routine. There are certain actives when layered over each other do more harm than good.
Switch on your skin's natural radiance.
Vitamins can do a lot for our skin, whether they come in topical or oral supplement form. They can help us get that lit-from-within-glow-aka that "blooming ka, are you in love?" radiance. If you're intrigued about
Minimal effort, maximum impact!
NGL, glowing skin became a goal of mine ever since strobing became a thing (That's 2015, you guys!). The desire got even magnified when "glass skin" became a global obsession.I mean just take a look at these glowing babes,
It can grant you glowing, smooth skin!
We all find ourselves scrolling through random areas of TikTok. Me? I'm currently stuck on the Queen's royal guards and learning what they can actually see through their giant fluffy bearskin hats. (And boomers think the app is
Budget-friendly finds, right this way!
A face serum is a great addition to your skincare routine because it possesses a potent formula that can help address your skin woes faster: It contains a high concentration of active ingredients that can prevent and treat pimples or brighten uneven
Relax and chill.
We've seen jade rollers all over the internet. They're pretty, and people say that this nifty little green tool has helped them score a glowing complexion. But besides looking Instagrammable and its hype, what can a jade roller
Clear skin is just a handful of products away.
Breakouts are undeniably stress-inducing in their own right, but their byproduct scarring can have just as much of an impact on your self-esteem. Scars seem more permanent than blemishes and are often trickier to treat. Thankfully, there are several targeted
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Good news: Everyone can have a glow up and some steps don't even have to involve buying anything expensive or doing anything drastic. You can still look cuter and feel better about yourself without shopping for expensive skincare or makeup.
Less is more. ;)
The true essence of being a minimalist is all about paring down your belongings to essential items that you truly use. This means you choose items that you bring into your life that will *really* serve your needs. When it comes to
She spills *all* her secrets!
Heart Evangelista looks great all the time-she's got glowing skin that's quite envy-worthy. So, when she dropped her skincare routine, we just had to take down notes and find out the exact products she uses.Today&#