Admit it: We all do it.
Let's face it: everyone has talked about a friend with another friend at least once. Even the closest, most sacred of BFFs can do something that profoundly bugs you to the point venting about it with someone who also knows
You'll be surprised with the benefits.
While it's wrong to talk about other people's lives behind their backs, there is something about gossip (or tsismis) that is just so enticing. According to evolutionary psychologists, humans are so preoccupied with other people's lives because of how
Gossip seems like harmless fun until you're the one being talked about. Find out why rumors spread and what you can do to stay away from them.
Is it true that where there's smoke (rumor), there's fire (truth)? Here, Cosmo dissects the gossip grapevine.Anatomy Of A RumorContrary to what you might think, 'rumors don't necessarily spring from a catty desire to wreck someone's rep. "
Your fave former Cosmo cover girl reveals what she does to maintain her healthy hair and skin, what she thinks of John Lloyd Cruz, and the qualities of her dream guy.
Angel Locsin is one of those girls that men just can't resist. In addition to her undeniably classic Pinay beauty, the star of In The Name Of Love also has a sense of confidence that men (and women) admire. This fearlessness
Now that the Kimerald love team is no more, who could be Kim's next showbiz partner? She admits she likes basketball players. Is she involved with one?
After the split of the long-time onscreen partnership of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, the Kapamilya actress became the new "apple of the eye" of many young men. And this includes De La Salle University's basketball heartthrob Simon Atkins.On
Our blogger implores us to NEVER judge: The "Samantha" you know may be more like the "virginal" Charlotte.
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