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'Bobbie, is that you?'
Alexa Ilacad just proved that she's just like her character Bobbie Salazar in Four Sisters Before The Wedding.On August 3, Tuesday, the actress took to IG to share that she's finishing her marketing degree with a 1.
Dominique just earned a degree from the Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising in San Francisco.
Proud mom Gretchen Barretto congratulated Dominique Cojuangco for graduating magna cum laude from the Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising.Dominique took up Merchandising and Marketing at the San Francisco school. She posted on IG Stories, "Four months late, but hey! My
This kid is on track to get a degree in electrical engineering next month.
At nine years old, most kids are still in elementary, but this child prodigy is about to graduate from college! Laurent Simons from Belgium is on track to get a degree in electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the
Time to switch things up!
Fresh out of college? Make the transition from student to career girl with the right essentials-including a classic structured bag, of course. Complete your office ensemble with these totally professional options:Multicolored satchel, P1,299, ZaloraBoxy snakeskin bag, P2,499, CLNBag
'They don't usually display an attitude of self-entitlement.'
The tables have turned after the previously fourth ranked Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) topped a survey showing which universities employers preferred to hire graduates from.The survey conducted by JobStreet with 551 companies as participants showed that PUP beat the