The grand-momager can't get enough of all the 'little people.'
As if Kris Jenner didn't have her hands full as it was, she's just become a grandmother for the seventh and eighth time in the span of a few weeks. In April, her daughter Khloe is also set
Listen to granny!
The thing we love about ladies with more than six decades of life up their sleeves is that, more often than not, they've figured out their personal style to perfection. That stlye may mean simple, pared-down looks or that outlandish,
She tags her photos #grandmotherthatlovesfashion!
Zaklina, a fashion blogger and grandmother originally from Serbia, is 47 years old and is giving us all future goals. She's amassed over 184,000 followers on Instagram, and doesn't seem in danger of slowing down. And just so you
Instagram/teaflego80-year-old Grandma Livia has gone viral on Instagram after her granddaughter Tea Flego, a makeup artist, posted photos of her makeover. Glam-ma Livia currently resides in a nursing home, but her granddaughter visits her to give her and
This one's for you, lola.
1. Whenever you get into a fight with your parents (especially your mom) she'll always, ALWAYS be on your side. May it be a mishap you had in school or an act of rebellion, for some reason, lola would be more
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