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From what triggers it, to whether or not it can be delayed.
Like wrinkles, gray hairs are a visible sign of aging-and let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with that. It's a part of life, and a beautiful part at that. But if you've ever wondered
Who wants pink hair when gray looks this good?
Bela Padilla is seriously making a good case for why we should all just embrace gray hair. In her latest Instagram post, the 26-year old actress showed off a beautiful mix of gray and blonde strands that created a subtle ombré
And it was actually discovered by accident.
While there's nothing wrong with having gray hair, for most Pinays, it's still a cause for panic, especially if they start getting it when they're young. While there are other factors to consider when you spot your first gray
A trichologist answers all your gray-haired questions.
Like wrinkles, gray hairs are visible signs of aging, but can the way you treat your hair keep it youthful in the same way that skin care can? Trichologist Madeleine Preston explains why we go gray and whether we can delay it-