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It's more than just your favorite drink.
Whenever we hear green tea, we often think of our favorite dessert or usual Starbucks order. But did you know that this superfood is also beneficial for our complexions? It's a powerful antioxidant that can soothe irritation and redness and
If honey works great for treating and preventing acne and drinking tea helps you get glowing skin, then what happens when you combine the two? Clear, ~flawless~ skin, according to 17-year-old Hilda Robles! ;)She says she used ~*green tea and
A cup of green tea a day may actually keep the doctor away.
Consumed for thousands of years in China, green tea is said to aid with stress reduction and weight management. All types of tea-green, black and oolong-are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant using different methods. Fresh leaves from the plant
With proven health benefits AND a clean caffeine hit, we're downing it.
You've probably seen green lattes invading your Instagram feed, and for sure you've wondered what actually IS matcha. And is it supposed to be so superior to a good ol' cup of joe? Let us sort the buzz from the
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