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He has an upcoming series with Cha Eun Woo!
Kim Nam Gil is a veteran actor considered to be the *idol* of many Korean actors. With more than three decades of acting experience under his belt, he has starred in numerous critically-acclaimed and popular films and dramas like Queen Seondeok
Get to know them more!
Zodiac signs are a big thing in the K-pop fandom. While not a lot believe in the significance of astrology in their lives, it can also be good fun to take a peek at the star signs of our favorite celebrities
This former child actress is now a top star!
Actress Lee Se Young is one of our fave faces on the small screen nowadays. Did you know that she started out as a child actress? Now she has more than 20 K-dramas under her belt! You might have also seen
He's starring in a new tvN series!
I distinctly remember the first time I saw Lee Sang Yeob. It was in the 2015 KBS weekend drama, House Of Bluebird, that I originally watched because of Lee Joon Hyuk. Man, second lead syndrome is real, I kid you not. And
When in doubt, go red!
They say red isn't a color for the faint of heart, and we totally agree! A crimson 'do is striking as it is gorgeous and it's the perfect color to get if you want to stand out. But what if
These tattoos will last ~forever~ like your love for your boo.
Real talk: Relationships don't always work out, which is why some people aren't so keen on the idea of getting matching couple tattoos. But if your significant other has become a big part of your life and you
This K-pop idol is also an award-winning actor!
Before Lee Junho became the award-winning actor that he is now, he debuted as part of the legendary second-generation K-pop group 2PM under JYP Entertainment. He's a certified triple threat: He can sing, dance, and act! And
He's the *first* K-pop-idol-turned-actor to win the award!
And the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actor is...Lee Junho! The Hallyu star is an OG K-pop idol who transitioned to K-dramas and we're in awe of his many, many talents. If you're looking for
Here's *everything* you need to know, according to a dermatologist.
Sweating can be annoying, but it's actually good for you. It's a "normal mechanism of the body to regulate heat and temperature," Dr. Raissa Francisco-Pasion, a board-certified consultant dermatologist of SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center and
So pretty.
Getting multiple piercings is pretty exciting. After all, there are a bunch of placements you can choose from.If you've *finally* decided to level up from your lobe piercings, one of the advanced placements, a.k.a. cartilage piercings, you
Buh-bye, acne!
Pimples can pop up anywhere on the body, from the chest, shoulders, to the back. The latter is particularly challenging to treat because it can be hard to reach and see acne on this part of the body. There are many ways
It'll be a *cool* addition to your ear party.
If you already have some lobe piercings and you're ready to explore more ~advanced~ placements, the rook piercing is worth checking out! Below, we discuss everything you need to know about this unique piercing, from its pain level to its
These are so legit.
Do you know what's more annoying than pimples? The marks they leave behind! Acne scars are trickier to get rid of than breakouts. Lucky for us, there are products and procedures that can make them disappear. Read on to find
You'll love him in 'Prison Playbook!'
Most people will remember Park Hae Soo as Cho Sang Woo (or Player 218) in Netflix's Squid Game but it was the dark comedy series Prison Playbook that made me a fan of him. In his portrayal of baseball-superstar-
She's a multihyphenate!
If you ask me who my favorite K-drama actresses are, I'm pretty sure I'll have a hard time identifying them all. However, what I am certain of is that Lee Sung Kyung will always make it to
These tattoos will bring out the *best* in you.
Word tattoos are simply beautiful. They can serve as *daily* reminders of inspiration or sentiment, especially when placed on visible areas like your wrist or your arm. Previously, we've given you a bunch of one-word tattoo ideas. This time,
Say hello to a flawless booty!
Pimples are annoying wherever they pop up: The forehead, chin, cheeks, and sometimes the other pair of cheeks. We're talking about the butt. We can never forget the time when we would feel super cute in our bikinis and then
Plus, what you can do to get rid of 'em!
Pimples can appear anywhere, from the face to the back. It can even pop up in weird spots like the butt and vagina. If you think you have one in your underarms, don't panic. Getting these red or white bumps
Remember him in 'Squid Game'?
Korean A-list actor Lee Byung Hun certainly needs no introduction: The multi-awarded actor has starred in over 50 Korean and Hollywood film and television productions over his impressive 30-year entertainment career! He is currently making a TV comeback with