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More tissues, please!!!
At this point, watching Grey's Anatomy is an exercise in getting your heart broken. After 17 seasons and more than 300 episodes, any longtime fan of the show will tell you that they've sobbed thanks to *more than
Ellen Pompeo has hinted multiple times that this could be the end of the show.
There's a topic I'd really rather avoid, but we have to talk about it eventually: At some point in the future, Grey's Anatomy is going to end, and we will all see Meredith Grey scrub in for the very
'I had to take over that script and rewrite that story and prove to myself that they were wrong.'
Ellen Pompeo is always so real about her time on Grey's Anatomy. Earlier this month she admitted she probably would've left the show if she were younger, and she just opened up about how she felt empowered after
Catch up on hundreds of episodes!
Gone are the days when you had to wait a whole week to watch the next episode of your favorite show on cable television. Thanks to streaming platforms, all you need is a trusty Internet connection, a monthly subscription, a pair of
She had a really good reason!
Sandra Oh played Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy for 10 years, so she definitely knows everything there is about her character and what Dr. Yang would realistically do in any situation. But during Variety's Actors on Actors series, Sandra
*cries in poor*
In case you couldn't tell by the fact that Ellen Pompeo wears designer slides and T-shirts (a power move) and is the lead actor on one of the biggest television shows in history, she's rolling in dough. After two
It was to make sure her motor skills wouldn't be affected as doctors removed a brain tumor.
In what seems like an episode of Grey's Anatomy, pro violinist Dagmar Turner played her instrument during her brain surgery at King's College Hospital in London. According to CNN, doctors asked her to play the violin while they removed
Amuse yourself with oppas and unnies while waiting for the next season!
If you love watching American television series, you know how torturous it can be to wait for the next season after it goes on break. Two or three months feel like YEARS when you're wondering what really led to those
It has a lot to do with the actor's off-screen behavior.
One of the most entertaining parts of watching Grey's Anatomy through the years has been seeing which characters live and which get killed off, and with Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) and Sarah Drew's (April Kepner) upcoming exits, fans
She's now making over $20 million per year.
Ellen Pompeo's new two-year deal with Grey's Anatomy pays her $575,000 per episode (totaling over $20 million per year)-making her the highest-paid actress on a primetime drama.In celebration of being incredibly rich, Pompeo
We second this.
In an oral history of Grey's Anatomy over at Entertainment Weekly, show creator and television guru Shonda Rhimes-along with other members of the cast and crew-shared secrets behind the show. The most interesting tidbit is that Shonda regrets killing
No need to check the pulse on your favorite show.
Good news, people who love to sob buckets every time you watch TV: Grey's Anatomy is seemingly never going off the air!Entertainment Weekly reports that at the Television Critics Association's press tour on Tuesday, ABC Chief Channing Dungey is
Cristina Yang isn't a real person you can hang out with.
1. McDreamy is dead. The show is doing just fine without him-in many ways, it's better than ever-but that doesn't change the fact that Meredith's soulmate was killed off without warning and she-you-were left to
You're welcome, universe.
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If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan still reeling from the devastating, world-ending death of Patrick Dempsey's character, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, there may be some hope for you. Well, probably not, but let's go with whatever sliver